Emil Forsberg

Watched him for the first time yesterday and he really impressed me. He reminded me of Pires with his style of play. Can be a CM/AM who starts on the wings and then cuts into the middle so he is very difficult to mark.

He’s the only one in our NT who plays international level football now that Zlatan is out.

Possibly VNL, he was quality at Benfica and United paid £30+m for him for a reason and all that but he’s had a rough start in England.

Augustinsson is another one to keep an eye on, same age as VNL (23yo), our LB who runs the left side of the pitch tog. with Forsberg. He just moved to Werder Bremen after having a successful few years at FC Copenhagen, still young for a defender but he’s developing well.


Do you think Forsberg could play for us?

Imo maybe, one of his biggest assets is that he barely ever has a bad game but it’s a bit difficult to judge his ceiling, he is often good but rarely magical. I think right now for top club level he would be alright but perhaps not run-the-show Iniesta-style great. But again, difficult to tell how much you can get out of him imo.


Would be so much better of Walcott or Coquelin as backup :wink: