Eddie Nketiah (14)

He seems different now. He seems far more comfortable on the ball, he looks sharper in general.

Looks like he’s been hitting the weights this summer and not in like a bad way where he’s too bulky to move. Was really impressed with his cameo today.

Looks hungry and focussed…hoping he has a good season

Our Europa League topscorer


Having Jesus to work with and compete with is only going to elevate him too.

Yeah if he can turn water into wine I’m excited to see what he can do to help Eddie


That no.14 has given him some mythical powers or some shit. Since he got the shirt his touch, turn and dribbling has gone up 10 fold. He’s looked like a new player.


One thing I’ll give this bloke is he does some driven and works hard to give himself the best possible chance of success.


He looks a lot better now then he did 18 months ago. However, I’ve got to be real, Nketiah isn’t good enough to be a back up striker at a club as big as ours.

The only way it can work is if we get a truly dominant midfield, which controls the ball and we don’t. This system demands a lot out of it’s striker and the all-round game of Jesus and Nketiah are night and day.

Not to be negative though. Nketiah looked lively on Friday and it was a welcome sub.

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How do you know he’s not good enough given we have a really small sample size and he’s generally played at a very good level over the last few months?

I think renewing his contract was a much better idea that sinking money into a second choice striker

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I hope the boy does well, but we’re crying out for another striker.

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This will be alleviated if we sign a goal scoring wide forward. Saka and Jesus will do their thing anyway, Martinelli carries on improving his end product, ESR comes back and adds goals and maybe, if we sign Tielemans, we know he has goals in him too.

The burden of relying on him to score for us lessens when there are goals coming every angle instead. If we can get Eddie getting 10+ goals, which I think is very achievable for him anyway, we’ll be in good shape.


He doesn’t have the attributes or the track record. Look at our rivals and there back up and be honest as to whether you think Nketiah is as good or better.

City: Alvarez
Liverpool: Jota/Firminho
Chelsea: Werner
Spurs: Son/Richarlison
United: Martial/Rashford

The above list isn’t as strong as it should be to be honest AND all have done far more than Edward.


Alvarez has done nothing in European football.

Son and Richarlison aren’t back up strikers. And the latter cost £50-60m I’m not convinced that’s a great use of resources.

Firmino is crap and completely finished.

Martial ended up at Sevilla scoring no goals and doing nothing and Rashfords career has been on a downward spiral. Martial was a huge money signing and Rashford is on a mega contract so I’m again not convinced they represent better value for money.

I’m not really convinced that’s a list of players that’s significantly better than what Eddie can offer us and the one that obviously is (Son) isn’t best deployed as a striker anyway.

You’ve got a list half full of wide one with a sprinkle of striker to emphasise your point but ultimately no team in football has players on the bench that are better than the starting players. Nketiah has shown himself to have a good all round game with an eye for goal and plenty of promise I’d take that as a second choice option over spunking loads of money on another player who may not even need to be called upon anyway.

Nketiah isn’t our issue, we need stronger wide players not a better second choice striker


I think this is the main thing.

Once we start going into a plethora of games, coming in thick and fast (which will be sooner than we think), and we want to give Jesus a rest, Nketiah isn’t going to be banging in the goals in an away game against some farmers in a EL game or away from home against lower league opposition in a LC game.

Even when we look beyond Nketiah, it looks decidedly scarce. Auba gone, Laca gone, even Balogun gone this summer. Do we even have another striker coming up through the reserves/youth?


Out of that list, only Jota seems to make a relevant argument.

I completely believe Nketiah will become atleast a Giroud type backup (when he was at Chelsea.)

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I’m sorry, but anybody saying that Nketiah has anything over the other top 6 clubs back up options is talking absolute bollocks.

How does the fact Son and Richarlison cost money change the fact that they start upfront if Kane is out? It doesn’t.

I can’t believe there are fully functioning adults actually making a case for Nketiah being as good as Firminho or Jota. Even Rashford or Martial it’s embarrassing.

Some of our fans deserve Europa football.


Can’t believe what I’m reading.

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Alvarez is an unknown quantity. Granted. Would anybody not swap Nketiah for him?

This isn’t a bash Nketiah exercise by the way. Just don’t think we can carry him.


I think I’ve stepped into a parallel universe where people are rating Nketiah higher than Firminho.