Dutch Eredivisie


How did Ziyech and Mazraoui play last night @Bl1nk and @Luca_from_Italy


Think they were both good as the whole Ajax who literally played AEK off the park.


Remember him? :eyes:




That’s top class if true.


I read on Reddit that they’re all about to sign some big sponsorship deals and that’s why?

Not sure if that’s accurate though.


If only the ugly sisters up here were so generous.


Tenner each is it?


There are certain conditions to it. They want to remove all artificial pitches in the Eredivisie (which are a lot cheaper for the smaller clubs too maintain and stuff) and want to slim the competition down to 16 clubs.

And lol at Feyenoord. They want to spend PSV and Ajax their money. They are nothing in Europe these days.


Van Persie will retire at the end of the season. His 18-year career has really flown by.


I’ll always remember him as being the only player to ever be sent off for kicking a ball a millisecond after the ref blew his whistle.

I’m sure there will come a day when i’ll be over that, but it won’t be anytime soon.


That is even more infuriating when you remember Abidal grabbing Persie’s throat.
Abidal should have been red carded there.

followed by Nasri’s neck getting grabbed


An incredible player who tarnished his Arsenal legacy for one season of glory at United.

All in all though, one of the best players Wenger ever signed and one of the PL’s great strikers even if it only lasted 3-4 seasons.


That fucking red card made me sooo angry. Fucking Barcelona cunts


The red card and the violent conduct by the Barca players, had forgotten about that. We could have progressed in that tie if the cunt ref hadn’t sent van Persie off. Corrupt bastards.

When I think of van Persie, I think of that fucking public statement too. Let’s not get into all that again but another reason why he is a massive fucking cunt.


Was prime UEFAlona


Retiring yet? He was banging goals for us only 6 years ago.


PSV have won all of their (12) league games so far. Perfect score. It’s a new record.

Mark van Bommel.


There emerged a report last night that Frenkie de Jong might move to PSG for 75 million. Dutch teams are finally getting proper fees for their players. It seems like Davinson Sanchez for €40 million was the start.