I was going to title this Drugs & Alcohol but there’s already an alcohol thread.
Anyway, share your thoughts, stories and experiences with drugs.

I’ll kick it off with this

I lay off the cigarettes, I just smoke meth.


I’ve done meth, and it was horrible. Although I did get a lot of housework done.


Probably have coke once a year or so on a certain occasion, maybe twice and that’s about it.


I’ve taken E a few times which is fun. Not something I do often but it’s always good fun

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Never been attracted to any kind of drugs. Jeez, I even baulk at taking an aspirin for a headache.


Never did anything besides alcohol.
Only tried weed a couple of years ago, felt nothing but the need to vomit. A couple of glasses of beer always give me a much better buzz :+1::+1:


Wouldn’t mind a line of cocaine in the right circumstances though :bergkamp: :bellcry:

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If you ever smoke weed, always go super small the first time. People always seem to go overboard the first time, and puts them off for life :slight_smile:


You pretty much sound like me dude with my thoughts.

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Feels like coke is a bit more socially acceptable in Europe than in the US even though it’s more readily available over here. First time I ever saw someone snort a line it was a friend from London on the middle of a dance floor.

Don’t drink, smoke or do any drugs. Have tried smoking and drinking at college and never saw the point in it. Am not averse to a bit of wine or a shandy once in a blue moon, socially of course, but that’s it.

Cocaine use is a big issue in this country. Quite worrying actually.


Cocaine will blow your brain, but the sensimilla is IRIE! As my boy King Yellow would say :+1::+1:

I smoked for a good while a lot of weed. Started rather late though, towards my end-twenties. Dialed it down last few months because my girlfriend is pregnant. Now roll a joint once a month.

When I first smoked weed I felt nothing, it took me a few times to feel the effects. When I did, it felt great.

The other drugs I love to partake in are hallucinogens. Mushrooms and lsd. Only in summer time and twice tops per summer.

No alcohol, no cigs and no other drugs.

I know I was spontaneously candid in a different thread, but for some reason posting it in this thread would feel too much like telling on myself lol

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Yeah I feel uncomfortable divulging my secrets on here as well hahaha

I suppose for me these secrets are nothing to be ashamed of. I told clients I did this stuff and don’t work less for it. It’s also a matter of not being afraid of the opinion of others. If they judge you negatively for it, it’s their problem.

I see no problem in indulging in the occasional drug. Of course the heavier ones, I’d advice strongly against, but even then if someone did it. It’s their choice.

I can have the occasional beer or glass of wine, but I haven’t been intoxicated for over 15 years. I see no real need to anymore, after seeing it’s effects, getting older and having kids. Never do I want them to see me intoxicated.

I partied significantly in my teens and early twenties. A lot of alcohol and some hasch, marijuana etc. Some people can withstand absurd amounts of alcohol and I was one of them. Never got a feel for the drugs though. Mostly just a happy feeling, but the anxiety effects I got afterwards was not for me. Never tried the heavy stuff, but was surrounded by friends who used it. Some are still addicts today which is very sad.

Was however a smoker for 10 years (disgusting habit). Daily use snus now.


Many of my Swedish friends in Amsterdam use snus, isn’t it really bad for your gums?

I tried it once, almost threw up and never used it again :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Yeah so did I, big time :sweat_smile: You get more nicotine compared to smoking. It’s a very Swedish thing, more then IKEA and ABBA put together lol. EU have wanted a ban on it for 20 years, but we would probably go to war to keep it. I’m not kidding :joy:

It’s bad for the gums in the long run, if you have it in the same spot too often. I tell my patients to shift side and use snus in poaches instead of the loose kind, that’s much more corrosive.