I only realised when reading the article below that Salazar has eventually been banned by USADA. It has other interesting things in it too such as why Qatar is a shithole for sporting events.

In general though sports fans don’t like talking about doping but thought a thread might be in order all the same. It’s far more interesting than stats imo.

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Nooooooo cuz I get enough bull shit emails don’t need more from the Ireland independent or whatever it is.

Doping is rife in every single sport and I think football fans are particularly naive to it because it doesn’t really appear like it’s a massive problem.

But the lax manner in which football player are tested is exactly why I’m convinced that doping is widespread within the sport.

It was like the days when Usain Bolt was tearing up every single guy on the track yet they were all doping. I refuse to believe he wasn’t doing the same damn thing himself.


Lol yup I’m of the same view. Its just ridiculous to think otherwise.

There is doping in high school rugby in New Zealand ffs

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Yea Bolt is just essenially Lance Armstrong but who got away with it imo.

The shit they did was impressive either way mind.

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So Tyrone Spong had adverse findings in two urine samples days out from his fight with Usyk.

Spong, Fury, Ortiz, Whyte, Povetkin, Miller, Hughie Fury have all tested positive for banned substances.

Historically you’ve got guys like Holyfield, Mosley, Canelo, Peterson, Tommy Morrison, Shannon Briggs, James Toney, Antonio Tarver, Fernando Vargas, Gamboa…

Even Vitali Klitschko doped as an amateur.

The reality is, doping is an epidemic in sports. The current drug testing is clearly failing.


Much the same in the UFC where USADA began proper testing and now it’s very common for fighters to get pinged.

There are just too many avenues now to honestly make me believe most of the top athletes aren’t doing something.

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Is it really failing or are people continuously looking for ways not to get caught and therefore institutions are chasers rather then being able to prevent use.

I meant to act system after drug testing. The current system is failing because it’s infrequent and not compulsory in many sports.

In boxing, fighters don’t get tested often (if at all) unless they’re signed up to VADA programs. Some sanctioning bodies make it mandatory, some don’t. Some fighters demand it, some don’t.

It always has been, and it always will. You need only observe the near silence about the doping in football to see just how much people are willing to turn a blind eye to it.

And tbh, I’m kinda ok with doping. As long as everyone has access to it :slight_smile:

I’m in the same boat. I don’t think sports will ever be able to control dopingo so I’m not as anti-doping as I used to be.

I mean you clearly look like you’re into bodybuilding/lifting, do you use anything to give you a boost or help your recovery, legal or otherwise? If so can you understand more why you would do the same to a greater extent as a pro?

The reported microdosing Salazar recommends seems pretty moderate as far as ‘doping’ goes

But it’s that purity that a lot of people cling to. So even something as benign as microdosing is seen as this outrageous act.

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I’ve never taken anything illegal, but I know when I compete (at some point in the next 5 years) I absolutely will and I’m fine with that.

But I totally get why athletes do it

Russia get a ban in all major sports including the next world cup.
There allowed to compete in the Euros though.
Trying hard to work this one out, and failing.