Donyell Malen

Do we not have a young guns section anymore @Mysty ?

How good is this guy? First team in a year or so?

Most talented young gun we’ve got, IMO (Nelson could be close but he’s English, so always safer to go with the non-English player ;)).

Will be interesting to see how this season develops, though, if he’s a top prospect he’ll make his mark at U19 levels.

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Got to repost this.

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Even if he’s good enough; 18/19 season seems more likely. He’s 17.

Wish these guys stayed with their former clubs though.

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Seems to really be coming on and showing his quality this season.

^^ this last one, the run at 2:35, must see.

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Should have stayed at Ajax. These dutch youngsters very rarely make it in the Premier League. Sigh.

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seriously, like wtf…thought they wanted him in the 1st team reasonably soon. What is going on at this club!

Wow. Another kick to the nuts. What a summer.

The young Nigerian we’ve just loaned to that Dutch team looks like our best prospect up front and he said miles away from the first team, I assume he will get first team minutes at PSV, hopefully we will get a percentage of he turns out to be good and they sell him or maybe even a buy back clause… nothing wrong with this really

Even the youngsters are like fuck this I’m out.

More like I’m going back to my old club to play first team football instead of u23s at arsenal, Not everything has to be negative

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Wasn’t this kid meant to be pretty promising?

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Guys I follow that go to most of the youth games thought he’d be one of the kids to get a shot in the Europa league. Don’t think he quite lived up to the hype but definitely one of our most talented.

So do you think he wanted to leave? Or we got rid cos he wasn’t all that? Or might we be clearing out Joncker’s signings now that he has left?

My guess would be its a bit of both, not progressed as expected and the opportunity to play first team football in a good league for young players.

I think PSV gave him a great offer. Chance to play first-team for a title contender in the Eredivisie. Arsenal probably told him he won’t feature this season and the choice was Donyell’s. So I understand why he chose PSV.

However… He was probably told; Locadia, PSV’s current striker was leaving (had a medical for Wolves yesterday, but it fell through last minute). So a bit of a shitty situation now, as PSV were also expected to offload Luuk De Jong to France, didn’t happen.

So yeah, three strikers at PSV now, remains to be seen where in the pecking order Malen starts. Can see him playing games on right-wing as well. Hope he does well and we have arranged some sort of buy-back clause.

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Interesting choice. This could be a big move for Malen.

Dortmund are so efficient, you just know they had a list of targets drawn up a long time ago on who to replace Sancho with.


Also worth noting that our youth talent;

Malen is at Dortmund
JRA is at Lyon
Bennacer is at AC Milan
Gnabry is at Bayern Munich
Musah is at Valencia

Everyone of them bar JRA would have a place in our squad / first team.