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We actually had concept designs of an OA mug once. One coffee mug and a beer mug.

Never seen the light of day though. Too much hassle. Printing, shipping etc.


I can only imagine Robin owning a Cristo mug before getting her heart broken.

I hope she’s OK.

Literally haven’t seen her for a year now, since lockdown first started in the UK.

Yeah she was a great poster and a big loss to the forum.

A casualty of the OA Coronavirus Civil War

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Yeah, I do believe someone made her feel bad about going out before lockdown started :thinking:

Should have an Ozil hoodie… Costs about £100, looks great, extra comfortable, however, when the match kicks off, it disappears you cannot find it… Only to find it 4 hours later, on the bench in the back of the wardrobe!
PS… I’d also love an OA mug… Sounds awesome.

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It wasn’t just going out, it was Cheltenham Festival which ended up being the worst super spreader event in the country and she knew it was a bad idea.

If I recall correctly her tune then changed not long after when people were not as strict about lockdown after a while, like some others :thinking:

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There were no rules/restrictions in place during Cheltenham though. Lockdown hadn’t started, so she wasn’t breaking any rules. Whereas once lockdown came into effect, rules were being broken.

I’m not saying holding Cheltenham last year was a good idea. But it wasn’t Robin’s responsibility to cancel the event.

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The Coronavirus thread really can create some severe tension between posters can’t it ?

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I didn’t think like that. Hope she is well

Especially you, you coronavirus Hitler who wants to commit genocide through spread of the rona :joy::joy:


I didn’t even notice mr happy was a poster until it happened


Like me, You also didn’t notice that m doesn’t stand for salutation. He is mhappy, as in I am happy

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wow you’ve lived a blissful life


@mhappy is a good lad. :sunglasses:

I can remember Robin posting when Atleti got that first crucial away goal at Anfield last season.

“Goal goal goal goal goal gooooooal”

Good times :grin:


I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that has donated to Online Arsenal over the last 12 months. It really does help pay the hosting fees for the site. Since we moved to the new software and hosting we have had very few issues and the community we have built here has flourished.

So thank you everyone for being part of the site.


hello Shill :slight_smile: