Dejan Kulusevski

Deserves its own thread now. It’s happening.


Yep, he is a gooner too. Confirmed it in various interviews in the past.

Can we not just throw in Pepe for a straight swap?

We ain’t paying money like that for anything but a striker at the moment, in my opinion.


Tbh, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s brought to be a striker long term. He’s got a great touch and has a sniper of a left foot. He’s tall as well.
I think he’ll be an option to play up top at the very least in the short term.

imo we need output and output is not his thing. He has good qualities but atm output is not one of them, not on the level we should demand, anyway.


I loathe the idea that we’d be helping Juventus dig out of a financial hole but we need more goals in this team asap. Haven’t been wowed by him last season but Pirlo was out of his depth.

His match highlights in the Coppa Italia final last season.

Showed up big time.

Another Swede? Sign me up… get him and Isak.

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They used to say all this about Draxler.

Why not just buy a striker.


Its too bad that Juventus is currently being investigated by Italian regulators for doing dodgy swap deals because a dodgy swap deal of Pepe and this guy makes a lot of sense.

21 years old and he’s already had a standout year in Serie A.

I can’t say I’ve watched much of him, but if we can somehow get the figure down to £30m+add ons, I’d be all-in on signing the fella.

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Arteta needs to get the credit for converting him to a striker. /s

That’s what Dejan is, if you ask him. He has however predominantly been used as a winger by Juventus.

Buy a winger from Juventus and turn him into a striker? What a ridiculous idea. When has that ever worked before?


Titi allusions aside, I don’t really like him as a striker. But I think part of his appeal is that he isn’t a pure winger either. He has played CAM quite a bit in his career (especially as a youth player but some still at senior level) and with his physicality give us a different kind of option in that role to Odegaard, more like how Laca plays the role.

For me the best situation would be bring in a player like this while getting rid of one of Pepe or Martinelli (preferably Pepe), who bring similar qualities. Buy a starting striker and make Auba backup next year then for the three behind the striker you have ESR, Saka, Odegaard, Martinelli, Kulusevski. That group gives you a lot of different options.

I’ve not got a Kulu who this guy is


The difference between this guy and Pepe is Dejan night.


Yeah, I think that’s the idea.

Who was the last ginger we signed? Been a while, right?

I don’t remember too many ginger Arsenal footballers. Most recent ones from memory…