Days in bed

Does anyone have days where they just can’t get out of bed to do anything? Absolutely no motivation to even go and eat or anything else, a shower and brush my teeth then go straight back to my bed. If I have consecutive days off I’ll do this every single day pretty much unless I have obligations. I’ll even buy things then they get delivered and I don’t want them but don’t even make it to the post office to return them in time so they just pile up in the corner unused…

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Yeah, it’s called being lazy.


That’s the wholehearted well-informed response we’ve all come to expect from you on here.


Sorry, quite right. However if you think its related to mental health (in my experiene I had an element of that when i suffered from depression) then make that clearer.

I would suggest you seek support from your GP. Run the symptoms by them and see what they say, they may offer you certraline or something. Side effects are awful so be warned.

Furthermore, see if your employer offers counselling, or see if they can subsidise costs of counselling in some way.

What have you done about it so far?

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I guess a degree of it comes down to the individual. Personally I can never just spend a day in day in bed, I’d go out of my way just to find something to do, no matter how tedious. However, it does sound as if this is a bit different than just spending a day in watching netflix or something.

It’s difficult for me to say anything particulely useful to your situation but these things tend to stem from how much fulfillment one gets from their day to day life. Do you particularly enjoy your work/social life?

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Depends on if you feel depressed or not? I have days I spend in bed because I’m tired. Either stressed at work or a full day taking care of 3 kids lol. These days I really don’t do anything, I just don’t have the desire. If i feel the same the next day however, then I get something to do! Because if your not depressed you most likely will if you spend a couple of days doing nothing.

Speak to your gp to hook you up with a therapist. Medication should not be the first option without talking it through with a professional. Sertraline isn’t that awful, although some react different then others.

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I’ve never really felt like this so I am not sure my advice here is going to be practical but to me it sounds like it could be a coping mechanism. What you’re trying to cope with you might not even realise yourself. Talking about stuff helps. I wouldn’t recommend going to your GP because they won’t have the time to get to the bottom of why you’re feeling this way.

I don’t think you’d be asking this if it wasn’t something you would rather not do. Book an appointment with a counselor and see if yous can start figuring it out together.

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It can also be that you are mineral and vitamin deficient. VItamin D (actually a hormone) especially if you cant get enough sun even if you do they say there is a lot more to it it has to be certain rays and at a certain wavelength hitting you at a cetain angle yadda, another one is B12 both are linked to depression lethargy and not wanting to do much etc. Maybe get some blood work done and see if you are struggling with anything like this.

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Thanks everyone appreciate the responses even you Oliver ya cheeky slag

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This is a good point/possibility. Forget what I said about not going to the GP. Do and get this stuff checked out and if no joy go the other direction.

Also worth logging the days you feel like this if it is ongoing.

Honestly I have days like this too, but I wouldn’t say I feel particularly down or anything.

As bad as it is, some days where I cba doing anything and just spend it binging on Netflix or something can be good for the system. But more than 2 in a row is when I get too lazy and actually need to get active.

Tbh it probably is a bad habit I need to stop but whatever.

Can confirm that the vitamin D and lack of sun thing can be a factor.

Last year we moved further north in Norway from Bergen to Tromsø, we currently get around 3 hours of daylight so have been recommended to using fish oil capsules and eat more fish rich in omega 3 to beat the winter depression. Seems to be working so far, although the actual Norwegian in my relationship seems to be suffering a bit more.

I used to have days like that, circa 2012, when I was pretty depressed, generally unemployed and heavily smoking weed.

I found the solution to be getting a job/degree I cared about. Everyone’s experience of depression (apologies if that sounds like an assumption, but depression sounds like what you’re describing) differs but that was my way out. Going to my GP and getting help would have probably worked too, but I’m not really built to seek help voluntarily, so my advice would be to work out what you want to do with your life and take steps towards making it happen. It’s easy to say that, and I don’t think I could have done it without my girlfriend’s support, but I feel like that’s the only way out of such a funk from my limited life experience.


I have so much work & studies to cover, I don’t even sleep more than 3-4 hours on weekends.
I have moments where I procrastinate but then I start feeling guilty.
Its been like this for months so I don’t remember the last time in recent memory I just had a day when I was completely inactive.

I was like that however, when I was going through that stupid breakup.

But your description doesn’t seem like a depression related symptoms. You perhaps lack some challenge to get you excited about getting out the bed?
If so, start a new activity. Look into Paragliding or something.

PS - Just a way to show off that I will be paragliding in couple of months :smiley:


Glad to hear ur out of ur slump Trion. Damn ur girl musta beem smoking hot to put u in such a state :grin: or maybe u aren’t a superficial asshole like me.

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Well she was nice and had great tits. I just couldn’t handle the whole affair as well as I should have.
In hindsight, the being sorry state was a great waste of time.

But anyway let’s keep this thread about Gio.