David Silva

What a signing for Lazio!!

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Good move for Silva. He’s still got enough left in the tank and more important the way Lazio play you’d imagine that he’ll have plenty of runners around him that limits how much energy he’ll be exerting.

If they use him correctly, this could be a superb piece of business for Lazio.


Gonna be handing out lessons in Serie A, also gonna play in the CL

Nice to see him off to play in a top league rather than putting his feet up in one of those lesser leagues

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I was quite surprised when I head about this. Thought he’s surely off to some club in middle east/China/US to get that final big contract… This only shows he still has big motivation and desire to play on the highest level. Respect for that.

He’ll surely be a massive addition to Lazio if he stays fit. He still has the ability to change any game. Him and Luis Alberto together on the pitch though :drooling_face: (hope this doesn’t mean the departue of the latter)


Everything Ozil isn’t this lad. Ten years at City and been a class act throughout. Good luck too him.