David Raya (22)

Just when I’d started to like the guy ffs

Why do brits love Nandos so much? I’ve always found it pretty average.


Have you seen the rest of our food?


Has anyone?

Nandos is about the most hit and miss place to go. When you rock up and the chicken is dry AF it’s a long day but when it’s right can’t complain.

Raya’s distribution can be a bit like that at times.

11 clean sheets now

On his way towards Goalkeeper of the season


Will likely end the season with about 14/15 clean sheets, getting the golden glove easily… despite missing a fair few games at the beginning.

Thought his distribution was poor vs Luton but maybe that had something to do with not having the quick wingers to target.

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Not all his doing by any means. But we’ve conceded only once in his last six league matches between the sticks. That’s ridiculous.

I feel like sometimes we aren’t set up well to take advantage of his distribution. Quite a few times, you will see him take a cross and race out and then not do anything because there’s no one available.

There’s a lot of truth to that. As much as we praise the likes of Ederson and Allison for their distribution, a lot of it has to do with the runs made by forward players. And runs that allow for a higher degree of error in the distribution. Salah is a master at this.

On his way towards 12th clean sheet.

Surely gonna win golden glove from here ??

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made a brilliant save today also, was sure for a second that was going top bins

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Top GK. Top class save today at a critical point in the match. Number of clean sheets incredible. Arteta proven right again…




I know it’s not easy to do, but given how long De Gea was at United I’m surprised he didn’t manage it. They must have had plenty of nice runs of games where it could have been achieved.


United were shite most of the time he was there though.


It’s because Spanish keepers are usually flappers but Raya looks to be an anomoly :clap:

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Maybe because he was in England from age of 17?