David Dein

Just found out through the Arsecast he’s released a biography. Sure to be a great read/listen and I’ve added it to Audible as I had a credit.


I’ve somehow got 9 credits, will be all over this :arteta2:

Most on here revere Dein because of the Wenger appointment.
Deserves a lot of respect for that. Some older fans though will remember him promoting that Bond scheme.
A real cunt move that. Lost a fair few good fans through that.
Protests against him and the board over that. Good business man, but that comes with a streak of ruthlessness.
Be interesting to read if he says anything about this.
Talks the talk our David over the years but I’ve never bought the whole package.

9 fucking credits?!

Sign of a rich cunt that clearly doesn’t have to closely manage his direct debits, that’s nine months worth of payments going unused :grin:

You can also get Wrights, Mersons and Wengers if you haven’t already got em and have loads left :smiley:

Hah I get £400 of books and shit allowance from work so it was easy to just get audible for a year. It’s very hard to spend that much on work books every year.

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Oh wow, thats awesome if you can use it for stuff like Audible too.

I’d love that, Audible fiend that I am.

I thought credits expire after 6

Since Trump he’s only my second most despised orange bastard.

I actually met Dein last year.


Ha. @Cristo in the mud now.


:joy: :joy:

Gonna have to scour my Rolodex now to find someone to one up him with


I also met Dixon as well, he came to the hospital the day after :sunglasses:


Why always Dein and Wenger ?
As I’ve said time and time again
Without King George Graham building the foundations for Wenger , there wouldn’t be the Emirates or the invincible team .
A fortress for a King ……:: how appropriate


He’s dead nice. I’ve met him, too

H is the nurses didn’t know who he was

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Not sure Cashley cares anymore lol

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If there was one player that left us at the perfect time, it’s this one :ozil: