He just can’t finish it can he

That was more difficult than it should have been

Finally done it

Well , that’s Christmas over and done with for another year . Christmas wouldn’t be the same without World Championship darts .

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World champion
World number one


Look at Price celebrating with all the fans there. Oh, wait…

Mardle asks some arsehole questions.

I don’t get why he’s held in such high esteem. Semi finalist, that’s all he’s good for. Has he mentioned that Eric Bristow is his hero yet :roll_eyes:

I miss the Circus Tavern. The Mecca of world darts, as Sid Waddell used to say

Sad news @JohnnyH @Ashgooner1

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That is Hills
Although not up to the high standard of BDO it was always a good watch in the new year especially when you couldn’t get out fishing .
Sad as it held some great memories, Jocky, Lowe and the Crafty Cockney .
Sad times .

Did you ever watch ‘Blood on the Carpet’ ?
All about the two darts organisations splitting
Very interesting.

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No, I’d like to watch this, Ash.

There is a slant for the PDC on these sorts of documentaries, though

“Olly Crofts is evil, EEEEVIL, I tells you” :roll_eyes:

Price v Lewis coming up on ITV4 :grin:

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Clayton v Wade, what a game :clap:

Semi’s and final coming up now :grin:

Great stuff in the final there from Clayton and he gets into the Premier League too. Nice fucking bonus!

Raymond van Barneveld collapsed and has been brought to the hospital.

Hope he’s ok. He’s a type 2 diabetic.

What an opening match!

Van den Bergh beats Gerwen Price.

Love to see it

Anyone watching the matchplay final?

Yeah, want Van Den Burgh to win, just for his dancing.