Darren Burgess

He’s the head of fitness and high performance at one of our AFL clubs in Australia, the media over here is reporting that he’s about to join Arsenal.

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looks like a sanchez & lord Bendtner lovechild!

“If he has to leave, it’s almost as big as losing your coach mid-season,” Cornes said.

“That’s how important these people are. This would be a massive blow for Port Adelaide. He’s a genius”

Sounds like a decent signing though from their view anyway

well hopefully he improves something at Arsenal, wish him all the best


Another new staff member


eh? Aint that a bit of a weird one? How the fuck is a guy working for sky’s legal suddenly gonna be working for contracts for players, it is a bit different dealing with commercial stuff than dealing with contracts for players aint it? Am i missing something, unless the stuff on the legal side that sets him up well for the appointment. I would have thought they would get maybe some sort of contract specialist from a fortune 500 company or something.

Commercial is the key word there. Image rights.

Forsythe, Burgess and now Fahmy are the type of appointments I’d prefer to to a any director of football

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Maybe they werent kidding that there will be big changes in the backroom staff this season. Unfortunately even though some of these changes are good some of the most urgent ones are likely not to be touched. But at least with all of the contract stuff etc it is a step in the right direction (unless of course they show themselves to be just as bad as their predecessors)

Paper cracks. We need to rebuild our football structure properly.

I don’t see it like that. Just need to take a look at these guys CV’s they’re at the top of their respective professions, that’s hardly papering over the crack when you hire top expertise to problem areas at the club (Contracts and fitness)

What does rebuild our football structure even mean anyway?

Team Sky is a cycling team, so he should have experience with dealing with human beings.

Are contracts (negotiations) really the problem here or the fact that we can’t offer players a winning environment therefore they simply refuse too stay here? That guy from Sky is not going to change that.

In order too prepare for a future after Wenger I think we can use somebody on a higher level with actual knowlegde of football/the market to oversee our scouting department and acquiring of players etc.


Didn’t we sign a German world class fitness coach two seasons ago? :thinking:

Shad Forsythe indeed.

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Perhaps he got injured and we got rid of him.


Wasn’t he a physio not a fitness coach

Also, wasn’t Shad American?

Has to be with a name like that :joy::joy::joy:

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