Cultural Marxism and Political Correctness: A Discussion

Imo political correctness has gone a little wild in the last few years, and it only seems to be getting worse. For the record I would consider myself a conservative, even though I’ve never voted for a republican. I agree with certain left wing policies, though so I’m not 100% to the right. However I do see the actions of the left and think they are incredibly hypocritical at times. For example:

It’s almost as if the beliefs and the values and morals of what the United States were built on have flipped completely upside down. 100 years ago being christian was a virtue and homosexuals considered taboo, and now it’s the exact opposite. Homosexuality is just one example, but there are other facets of the culture that are experiencing the same thing.

This brings me to Cultural Marxism, if you aren’t aware of what it is, here is a good article on it:

I’m not sure if this is conspiracy theory-ish or not tbh. Anyways I’m not advocating everything that people on the far right believe in, because a lot of it is racist and homophobic. However I do think there needs to be a happy medium. Any thoughts on this?

This brings me to Cultural Marxism, if you aren’t aware of what it is, here is a good article on it:

“Good article”? Personal views from a person who believes life was better for all in the 1930’s. No mention whatsoever about the depression or the segregated stature of America back then. The easy way is to force everyone into different categories, or social classes if you want.
Not defending the current situation, but wishing things were better with a rather populistic article… It’s the easy way out. I would like to see what ideas for a change he has, because obviously capitalism isn’t working that good either right now.


Isnt that supposed to be what America is all about?

I personally live my life in a way where i dont intentionally offend anyone. I don’t see anything wrong with that. If I happen to do so I like to hear the reasons why and I try to take that into account in the future.

Political correctness is a good thing most of the time but it’s the reaction to certain events that I’m left feeling uneasy about. The refusal to bake that cake and the fact that the couple chose to publicise it arent a problem for me but setting up boycott pages and basically waging a campaign to close down the business for good, im not sure why those who do things like that are held in any sort of esteem.


Like I said it’s a good article to help people understand what it is and the history behind it. Since world war one there hasn’t been a decade not filled with fucked up stuff. The point he makes, which seems like it’s true coming from someone who lives in the US and keeps abreast of current events, is that there are two seperate nations of people living in this country and one side can’t even openly discuss their views because it’s so hurtful to the other side, and not politically correct to debate anything that could offend someone. For example :

Watch the video and see how the conservatives throw a tantrum and prove the guys point that college has become an intolerant atmosphere, as opposed to a place for sharing ideas and critical thinking.

“I personally live my life in a way where i dont intentionally offend anyone” - SHAMROCKGOONER

I take exception to that…

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definately read this

Pseudo intellectual dribble. “Cultural marxism”!? Another buzzword, another unhinged theory for the fascist right to distract from the fact that they’re the ones in power enacting real policies that are hurting people.

The far right are not some righteous underdog movement. They’re what’s in vogue.

You are not fighting the power. You are legitimizing it.

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I don’t get your point. Or not this example at least. Denying to service gay people or the fact that they don’t have the same rights as us (marriage), like this bakery, is the same as denying serving black people because they are black. People are born that way. Which would not be acceptable either, would it? That has nothing to do with values and morals.

Having read that entire article in the OP, which was essentially a long, bitter rant about the spread of ideas other than white Anglo-Saxon Christian views, the last time I can remember encountering such a creative interpretation of history, aimed at the marginalisation of others and wrapped in a disguise of faux-academia was when I watched sections of The Eternal Jew, the Goebbels-approved Nazi propaganda film that told the “story” of how Jews had supposedly spread through Europe and stolen from other cultures.

“Political correctness” is a loaded phrase, it brings to mind officious censors being overly sensitive about anything that’s said about anyone from a non-white, non-straight, non-Christian background. That saying you can’t say this, or that about other cultures is simply a jobsworth with too much time on their hands getting involved where they shouldn’t. Sometimes, this is true.

On many other occasions however, prevention of harassment of groups or individuals on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation or any other irrelevant factor that does nothing to determine a person’s worth is a critical struggle. We don’t live in a world where white, straight and Christian is the “norm” anymore, and nor should we, and nor should humanity ever have. There is no “cultural Marxist” conspiracy, it’s just the latest brainwave of religious conservatives bitter at the fact that they no longer call the shots. Humanity has moved on.