Going to the wire this is.

Nah, the batsmen have put 20 runs too little on the board

Poor captaincy by Babar there relieving pressure from the quicks there.

Run rate climbing…

Scared for Shaheen’s knee

Smart decision to go off from Shaheen let’s not ruin his career

Stokes :sob: got beat like 11 times and now 2 boundaries.

A couple run out chances. Just wasn’t Pakistan’s day

Yeah, that should do it. Ben Stokes is like “let’s stop fucking about now”

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Ben Stokes mentality monster

Absolute legend of English white ball cricket

World champions, but we somehow lost to Ireland :sweat_smile:

You’d have smashed them if not for rain.

Hope Shaheen is ok

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Ah of course, wouldn’t be a victory without playing Sweet Caroline

We’ll take it :sunglasses:

Is this the same world cup you won in 2019?

Back to back world cups is impressive tbf

No, this was T20 cricket. And that was one day Cricket.

We’re champions in both formats now.

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As @Phoebica explained 2 different formats…

Aus won 4 in 5 in the 50 over format, 99, 03, 07 and 15… now that’s impressive :eye:


That was a great final to be honest. Pakistan were 15-20 runs short of making it seriously tough but their bowling is something else, made a good run chase so tough.

Unreal how good we’ve got at white ball cricket in the space if six years, so good to watch england :england:


Dw buddy

Your Aussie side of that 1999-2007 is still the best ever.

But I think yous will have to take T20 more serious from now on, it is here to stay

And is likely the future of cricket

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You’re right but I’ll forever remember the test sides over the shorter format. Lucky to see England win in 2019 and now but I honeslty look forward more to the ashes, plus our first series in Pakistan for a while coming up

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Who are these Pom no names in this ODI match

Another easy ODI win over England, series wrapped up 2-0.

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Inevitable given the squad. I don’t know why we bothered to be honest. If we’re not going to take it seriously, then don’t play at all!

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In some better news we beat England by 221 runs yesterday.

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