Cricket Thread


He won’t admit it publicly, but deep down he’d have to be regretting it.


Silly decision not enforce the follow on but unfortunately it’s too little too late for us!


Aussies rolled for 138, England need 354 to level the series.


Joe Root has kept us in this. But unless he manages to stay in for a while, I still don’t have confidence in us winning – I don’t think the rest of the order is strong enough to get 150 runs.

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Woakes, Ali, Bairstow and Broad are all capable of getting runs alongside Root.

Match is very well poised.


Oh I know they’re capable, but so are Australia’s bowlers. If you look at what the rest of our batsmen got in the previous innings, it wouldn’t be enough – hence why I think it’ll be game over if Root goes early. Hopefully I’m wrong, but as of right now, Australia are still very much the favourite to win this.


I think it’s very 50-50 and we are set for an intriguing 5th day, yes it Root goes early though we are firmly on the box seat.


Root goes early, you beauty. 2 zip and return the urn looks like its happening @AW49

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So after Root, only one of our batsmen got double figures. Root goes = game overs Told you Australia were still favourites.

I should have bet 5-0, rather than 4-0. Need to hope for some bad weather in one of the remaining tests :grin:


Perth has produced lots of roads in the state games this summer, so it will be interesting to see what sort of pitch we get in the 3rd Test.


Cook and Root out cheaply again in the crunch game.


Thank God for that partnership. We were seriously on the ropes before.

Malan is the newest member to the 100 Club. And to think some people questioned his inclusion… :raised_hands:


We dropped 2 absolute sitters in the slips yesterday :neutral_face:


Don’t moan. You’re still going to win. LET US HAVE THIS MOMENT!


Hahahahaha yeah I know we are going to win the series, a draw wouldn’t be bad this test as then I can watch us wrap it up hopefully when I’m going Day 4 in Melbourne haha.


I’d bloody love a draw. Then my 4-0 will come in.

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We fight back on Day 2, England 403 Australia 203-3 at Stumps.


Poms chasing leather all day, Smudge & Jacques Marsh having a good time.


I woke up to see only 1 wicket notification on my phone… :neutral_face:

Disastrous day. Draw is our best hope. But i’m more inclined to think Australia will push on, get a 150 or so more runs and then we’ll do a fantastic England impression and collapse for 112 or something.

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Bit of rain forecast for the next 2 days, might save England. Hilarious Mitch Marsh is 181*, no such surprise about smudge he’s just the best test bat in the world.