Crash Bandicoot


So come on then, who was a fan of the dingo back in the day? :smiley: Having decided to dig out my old PS1 this week, I rhought I’d give CB Warped (the third game) a play again as it’s been many years since I gave it a proper play. Started a brand new file and in the space of a few days, I’ve fully completed it, to collecting every single gem from all the levels, giving me an overall score 104%, just 1% now remaining to improve the relecs to all at least Gold or Plantium standard in time trial mode.

Been real fun! I’m impressed an 18 year old game has aged really well and still just as good to play. Some reason I never got anywhere near completing the game before, so quite surprised how quickly I’ve gone through it. Must be a wiser head on me these days :ramsey:

A few months ago, Sony announced in celebration of the franchise 20 years, that the original trio of games will be remastered onto the PS4, out sometime in 2017!

These were great games back in the day, nice to see them returning.


GOAT game


When I was about 9 this game was everything.

The Playstation was the first console I had, aside from the old school game boy, and Warped was the first game I had.

I played it again a couple of years ago @Mysty and you are so right, it holds up remarkably well. I think that’s the thing with the best platformers, due to graphics not being key to the games enjoyment they don’t really age.


For fucks sake. I assumed this thread meant someone had released it for iPhone.


Was too busy snapping necks in metal gear to be playing this piddly shit. But yeh I played the shit out of it.


Metal Gear Solid was my favourite Playstation game. I wish they’d remake it scene for scene buy with up to date graphics


Love these type of games, i got hooked on the Mafia games…can’t wait for Mafia 3 on the xbox one.


They did for the gamecube but it was absolute gash. They messed with the mechanics and it’s just not the same. A remastered edition would be nice, kinda like the gamecube did with Resi 1. Played it recently on the PS4 and it’s an absolute gem. All the nostalgia and a much more polished playable game.