Cracked/Bruised ribs

Took a fall playing footy on Monday. As I recall it was quite the impact. Didn’t feel much pain until a couple of hours later. No visible swelling or bruising.
Thought not much of it but I been carrying on working all week with lifting etc and the pains slowly getting worse. Especially after laying…
It’s a barely bearable pain :confused:

What’s you experience with rib injuries?

Any advice for a brother?

Docs can’t do much…

Yep I have broken a few back in my boxing days pal. Like you say, not much the docs can do for you so it’s just rest and sucking up the pain. Sorry, not much advice there.

Hope you make a swift recovery mate

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How’d you go about sleeping?
Laying down is proper fucking me up.

To be honest mate, I don’t think I had it as bad as you it sounds. I never really had issues with sleeping, it was more the fear of being elbowed on a busy London train or coughing and sneezing that triggered pains.

Have you taken any painkillers?

I hear heroin is really good for the pain


I broke a few ribs skiing last Christmas- hurts like a bastard doesn’t it!

Sleeping is very difficult and probably the worst part. Like a twat I had one afternoon off the mountain and then carried on skiing for another 4 days. Obviously I took it easy but the pain was bearable all the while I was up and moving.

My advice for sleeping is to get as comfortable as you can on your back and basically don’t move. I came up with a less than elegant rolling technique to get up where my OH had to push me round a few times to build up momentum. Think of a beached whale and you get the rough idea!

Unfortunately the pain will be with you for around a couple of months, maybe a bit less if they’re only bruised, but there’s little you can do. I did find that heat pads/ hot water bottles helped to relax the muscles as they healed so give that a try- the relief is fantastic. Other than that, painkillers helped but not much tbh. The most random movements make them hurt- pretty sure some people in my hotel thought I had Tourettes! Good luck :+1:

I have broken ribs before…it doesnt help much but it helps a little tape them but not too tight you want it so it supports but not too tight that it crushes when you breathe heavily when you tape them it feels like they are being held all the way around so they dont shift around as much when you are moving/breathing so it takes some of the worst pain off you but it wont take it all away. (Tape needed is kinesiology tape quite cheap)

Could you sleep on your other side or put a pillow under your ribs?