COVID-19: The contactless payment catalyst?

One very small plus point of covid19 is that it might speed this up as I hate having to go and get money and then carry said money for certain things :joy::joy:


I was saying this the other day, the only time I’ve got cash out since I’ve been in this house ( was talking about how we have 0 coins in the house ) was to pay the skip man. Nearly 4 years and 3 times were for the same person

I havent used a wallet for years as well.

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Yesterday when I went to get a coffee there was a homeless man who asked for some change and for probably the first time ever I genuinely didn’t have any as I just haven’t had cash in about the last three months so any bit of coinage I did have has been eroded. I’ll probably start taking the odd 20 out and converting in to coins as I hate to pass by and give nothing.

Other than that cash can do one.


Been using my card in work in the canteen. Usually take cash. Result I’ve spent more.
I want the option thanks.

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Yep. There’s no reason whatsoever to actually get rid. Anyone who doesn’t want to use it is plenty catered for.


Yeah I was meaning I’d like the option of contactless for everything I have to pay for. Not get rid of physical money haha

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Yeah potentially, I used to be pretty 50-50 in regards to cash or card payments pre the COVID-19 era.

Well ask him to get on with times and get a contactless payment machine.

Stop the cash dependencies.

It’s really good that you do this- give money every single time

I imagine you thought that was funny.


It is funny you sad miserable fuck

I’m the same.

The first time I touched cash since like Feb was to give a homeless dude a couple of quid the other day.

I take out £20 and convert it into notes/coins for the specific purpose of having something to give homeless people and also as a “shit I’ve lost my phone and card now I’m broke” back up.

Bring on the cashless society.

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Remember when we talked about that app you could send small amounts of money to any phone number with and how the odd homeless person has a sign with their number on it and you can just send any amount you like later if you want? I think you mentioned some journo you listen to who had mentioned it. Apps like that could make a transition to cashless everywhere easier and not punish homeless people (further) :slight_smile:


It’s not just homeless people though, I read somewhere a while ago that over a million adults in the UK don’t even have a bank account.

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I do. Often I have thought if the homeless of Ireland could just get on board with this app it would make my life very very slightly easier.

How do they get paid?

The same way a prostitute does

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Don’t be a dunce lol.

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Why do we need to go contactless other than the fact they want to shut down the use of cash ?

Well it’s much easier than carrying money. I’ve not carried money for years lol. Only get it out when I can’t use contactless

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