Corentin Tolisso

Says in the article he dreams of playing for Arsenal.

Haha no one tell him anything untill we’ve signed him :wink:

Juve bound.


Maybe we can slide in for Goretkza then?

Juve bound.



Not very wise for him if so, he’ll barely play.

Anyone decent we want is not available to us.

Maybe we can pick up Jack Rodwell or Fabian Delph.

Nah if anyone it’s gotta be Gareth Barry.

I’d rather have him than Xabi Alonso

We can always bring back the Flamster.

couldnt be any worse than Coquelin right now.

^^ definitely not Juve bound


Superb signing. Wish we got him :disappointed:

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Very Jealous of that signing.

Bayern’s sponsor is really getting too big.

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Thiago? Renato? What’s happening with them now regarding this transfer?

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Think it was rumoured that they might allow Renato to leave for the right price…doesnt seem to have lived up to the hype!


Thiago? He isn’t going anywhere, he could play deeper as could Tolisso.

Sanches might get sold though or at least loaned out, isn’t working out for him at all there at the moment.