Copa America

Yes, 28 games now.

Nunez will likely turn out to be pretty good, the next Cavani.

His movement is top notch

Finishing was very poor yesterday, though.

Guy is 25. Needs to turn things around quick if he’s to be anything other than what he is already, ie a poor finisher.

Nah. Cavani was 23 and having a field day in Serie A scoring 30+ goals a season for Napoli and then went to PSG and as soon as he got made the main man in attack and moved from the wing to striker he started banging them in there.

Cavani missed many sitters but he was an exceptional striker.

Nunez looks like he might be the same as a lot of these modern strikers - good at lots of things but lacking in the one thing you need most as a striker - the ability to finish!!!


Yeah maybe.

He looks so good though, right up until you need him to finish.

Great touch, good movement, dribbling.

Wtf is going on lol

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We love an honest cheat


What I love about this video is that Darwin threw about 50 punches and only one of them connected!

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Just showing his striking ability :henry2:


Cavani was fucking world class at Napoli, Palermo and PSG, I can’t see Nunez getting close to him especially if he stays at Utd

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Also, I wouldn’t mind a repeat of this


Yeah, heard this earlier. Emi is such a cunt, in his own endearing way. :slight_smile:

Fucking hell is Cuadrado still playing football? I thought he died years ago .

Anyway I thought most goalkeepers do this now, they’re not allowed to do a little dance on the line anymore so what’s wrong with a little trash talk to put the penalty taker off?


Yeah, I always thought Cavani was too criticised for his missed chances. He was still always scoring a big number of goals. His quality to get into good positions was insane.
Top notch positioning alongside his freak work rate and mobility… The guy was playing as a LB and as a 9 at the same time during his prime.

Also, I think techically he was considerably better than Nunez. He was no R9, but simply more fluid and composed on the ball than Nunez. Also his striking technique was visibly on a much higher level than Nunez, was able to to score technically difficult goal. He was also a very good free kick taker. I don’t see Nunez improving massively there at this stage of his career.


Be nice if Ireland or Scotland got invited next time they don’t qualify but the Euros doesn’t need any more not European teams.

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Ireland would have massive support over there, I’m told North and South Americans had a good connection back in the day😉

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Appalachians are also found in Scotland (in some capacity), so technically they could squeeze into the Copa :vinai:

Nunez is surely getting a long ban for going into the stands right?

Reminded me a little of Malice at the Palace.