Copa America

I thought this was the last time for Messi to win an international trophy, but they have another Copa in 2020 apparantly.

This tournament there doesn’t appear to be 4 contenders, but seeing at how it’s held in Brazil is difficult not to see them win.

I hate that team. I only gonna care because Messi is there. If not, I would prefer to us loose asap.


I remember what happened to Brazil last time they held a tournament :roll_eyes:

Everyone knows Copa America peaked in 2015/2016

@Mysty. You might aswell change it back. Next year there is another edition :laughing:.

Lol injured again

Sad really. Seems he’s become a player who routinely suffers from some pretty bad injuries and I think ultimately his career will end up being wasted potential because of it.


For all his antics he is one of the best footballers in the world. Nothing good when a talent like this isnt on show.


Fuck it, we might be robbed of seeing his talent but prick inside me can’t help but enjoy it a little bit.

While we’re robbed of his talent on show, he’s not robbing teammates for penalties.

No doubt at all though, a lot of PSG’s underachievements last season were down to him being out.

Good read

Luis Suarez had a good night


:arteta: :arteta:

What a shithouse

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I get the feeling that no one here is watching Copa games? Do you not get them on tv over in The Queen’s domain? In times like these I miss Luca, he’d watch them. Great game between Chile and Colombia now if anyone’s bored.

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Yeah it’s a shame the competition’s not had much exposure on the forum.

Argentina beat Venezuela last night to set up a semi final with Brazil on Wednesday

Games are too late. The Brazil - Argentina came will begin at 0230 am for example.

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Amazing game between Argentina and Brazil again, insane emotions all over the place, mad attacking game, should’ve been 25 yellow cards more than was handed out, Brazil look amazing winning 2-0. Dani Alves immense and for his age, great to see, plenty of players with tremendous performance. Messi get nothing done again except for a penalty against Paraguay and can go home and have his asado.



Argentina could have come back to 1-1 but struck the woodwork a couple of times, Brazil 2nd goal on the counter took the sting out of the match.

Thats nine international tournaments for Messi now without the win. Cant have many left now to get that elusive winners medal.