I figured rather than to spam each players’ thread is easier to make one topic about it for now and the future. Coquelin, Kosciely and Giroud have all signed new contracts. Are we going to call this the ‘French core’?


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We’ve got some good news for you… #WeAreTheArsenal

— Arsenal FC (@Arsenal) 12 januari 2017

All expected really, but welcome too.

I bet Koscielny is on ‘reasonable’ footballer money as well, and not demanding the Earth on a stick like Ozil and Sanchez. Maybe his agent is just less of a scumbag.

Point of mentioning Koscielny being that he’s probably the only player whose ‘value’ to the team comes close if not matching those two.

I’d actually argue it would be harder to find a player of the same class in the current market!

What is a reasonable number though? The numbers out there are probably not the most reliable, but if they want 200K per week (Cross) / 10 million pounds per year, I guess that is in accordance with what other players get who have comparable reputation and quality.

They want to be paid what they’re worth in this market, there’s no shame in that.

I find talk of holding the club to ransom and the like pretty laughable, if you want to keep world class players you pay them world class wages which have increased exponentially in the past few years simple as that.

Also when ex pro’s weigh in it’s like do one mate like you wouldn’t do the same in their position.


Koscielny is fine, but I honestly fail to see why it’s “good news” that Giroud and Coquelin extended their contracts.

You’ve got Coquelin, Xhaka and Elneny, who can be used as the more defensive midfielders. That’s lacking in quality but not in depth. Cazorla, Ramsey, Xhaka, Elneny, and then most likely Wilshere next season for the other position. Same problem there.

Who are they going to get rid of? Most likely not a single one of them. An upgrade or possibly even two, is what’s needed but with so many players, this seems very unlikely.

This is all really underwhelming to me.

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I thought exactly the same when I heard Henry’s comments. If he was born ten years later and signed for us in 2014 as if he wouldn’t be doing exactly the same as Özil and Sanchez are.

I’m not surprised Özil politely told him to basically shut it.

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Apparently Kos is only being paid £80,000 a week too. What a bargain in today’s market!

I completely agree with all of this. And with increased revenue it’s not even acceptable that the club still play hardball over paying top players the wages they want.

TBF neither Ozil or Sanchez are fit to clean Henry’s boots. Henry could have had that ‘big move’ mcuh earlier to if he wanted, he was the best player in the world for several seasons.

No, but Henry had success. No incentive to leave.

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True but he had success because he was a talisman who could score 30 league goals and/or add 20 assists. If Alexis/Ozil could reproduce that we would be winning things.

We could have Messi here and we still wouldn’t win the league.

I think him having much better teammates also played a big part.

None of what you’ve said doesn’t mean than when he was signing contracts here Henry didn’t absolutely maximise what he could get form the club, which is all Ozil is doing.


to be fair we have exactly no idea what Sanchez and Özil are doing or what they want.

We know Özil has said:

“I am very, very happy at Arsenal and have let the club know I would be ready to sign a new contract. The fans want me to stay and it is now down to the club. The club knows I am here most of all because of Arsene Wenger. He is the one who signed me and he is the one whose trust I have. But the club also knows that I want to be clear what the manager is going to do in the future.”

We know Sanchez has said:

“I definitely feel like an important player, and my team-mates let me know every day. I try to prove that I am an important player every day and game after game. I believe we have the players and the quality to win many things. I feel really happy and comfortable at the club. I want to give the fans a new title. We always get our fans’ support in the thick and thin, which is great. We must win the Premier League or Champions League for them."

It doesn’t exactly sound like players who are looking to leave, and we sure as hell are not looking to sell, so at the moment, bar something unusual (like the manager retiring or an absolute erratic monster bid from some club) nothing, at all, whatsoever points towards any of them leaving imo.

Both players wanting to stay and us wanting them to stay is only one part of the equation.

There is an impasse over wage demands and something has to break, either the Club’s wage structure or Sanchez/Ozil’s wage demands. That’s the problem and the reason why there is at least a fair chance that they might leave. If their new contract demands were close to what they’re on now, or still sub-200/around the 200 mark then it stands to reason that we’d snap them up early on.

None of us know exactly what they’re demanding and what we’re offering, how far apart they are and all that. You have to presume it’s a lot higher than what they’re on now. Their scummy agents will probably begin realistic talks with Arsenal as late as they can, to find out who else is realistically interested and how much they will cough up. I presume it’s within our budget to offer monster new deals to both players that are far above the likes of Koscielny, Giroud and Walcott, but it must be a bit damaging to our wages-to-turnover ratio


Presumption based on common sense? What would you do if you were Alexis Sanchez or Alexis Sanchez’ agent? Go to Arsenal and say how desperate you are to play for them and them alone, or recognise how many chips your client is currently holding and rinse the club for as much as is humanly possible?