Cobra Kai

Just started watching Cobra Kai and it is fucking amazing

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“Come on Johnny, yeah!”

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Hate how they’re trying to make cobra Kai the bad guys again.

The best thing about S1 was the almost switch or at least shades of grey with the 2 sides.

LaRussos are corny and cheesy AF, stop trying to make me root for them.

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Don’t give him spoilers lol

He’s only on S1 ep4

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Respect thread titles

Yeah I love that, so far, in season 1 I’m actually rooting for both of them and that they’ve made Johnny a give-a-fuck loveable arsehole haha

Obviously Daniel treats Karate the way it’s meant to be, as a lifestyle and spiritually etc. but there’s something loveable about Johnny just wanting to fuck shit up and drink beer.

I was kind of hoping they’d end up going in the direction where Cobra Kai and Larusso would need to team up against a mutual foe.

Guess not, which is lame.

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Fucking television talk in every fucking thread jesus :joy:

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Just shows, OA is a forum of lazy buggers! You all watch too much TV!

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I think they’ll keep spinning it. I love that about Cobra Kai. For both seasons I find I root for different people at different times. We need a Cobra Kai thread.


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The All Valley people asked and they will receive


Sam, Robby and that entire LaRusso family are boring fucks.

Except for the mum I guess.

Doze off when it’s miyagi do shite. Could not care less.about their vanilla nonsense.

I want Cobra Kai!

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I think it’s as @Castiel said- the teenage rom-com high jinks takes away from the main storyline, too. However, given that all these kids are linked to Daniel and/or Johnny, that whole teenage crap has to be pursued.

Agree with the mum character in the LaRusso family- she seems like the only level-headed “what the f*** are you actually doing?!” one of them all. Daniel’s mum’s character has been given a bit of depth, too.

Season 3 predictions?

[SPOILER] I think Ali will come back into the story as some paediatric doctor (Daniel said she was one of these when they conversed in the bar) to save Miguel’s life.

Johnny will somehow still be able to keep Miguel as his student and train him one to one.

Daniel will finally be given a purposeful storyline and go to Japan to meet more of Miyagi’s hidden family there [/SPOILER]


I like that we are given so much more insight in to Johnny. I’m halfway through season 2 and a bit worried how this season will end. Still finding Johnny far more sympathetic and Daniel annoying.

I’m also wondering who Tory is. She came into the story from nowhere and has no backstory and yet is a central character, so she must be related to someone important, maybe Crease? Unless Crease is a flash in the pan character he’s going to need someone sympathetic on his side to make things interesting.


Started off good in season 1. Now it’s gone full Disney.


I think that may just happen, to an extent. Spoilers for last ep season 2.

Alli comes back, make Daniel and Johnny unite against common foe Kreese to help Johnny take Cobra Kai back.

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Barney loves this

Desmond says to Molly “girl, I like your face”