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@arsenescoatmaker shares a birthday with Einstein, Hawking AND Cliff Bastin


Does anyone remember some bad blood between Cliff Bastin’s wife and Ian Wright? I seem to remember reading she said ‘I don’t mind Cliff’s goalscoring record being beaten but I don’t want it beaten by someone like Ian Wright’.

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Yes, I remember reading that in the paper in 1998. Some people said it was low-key racism.

I think it was more, as she said, the disciplinary records (Wright had 50 yellow cards and 1 red to his name at that point whereas Bastin had 1 yellow and no reds in his entire career, I believe)


To be fair in the 30’s you had to figure four someone before you’d be sent off.


I watched Cody Rhodes win a match with a figure four yesterday.

Nice to see that (unlike the sharpshooter which has been woefully no-sold to death since about 1996)

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I normally watch Dynamite on a Sunday morning. Can’t say I expected to come across a spoiler in the Cliff Bastin thread :joy:



Sorry mate.

The end of Dynamite was pure…dynamite.

It’ll be interesting to hear what you think of it.

Bastin really must be the greatest when you consider the war interrupting his career.


The greatest of all Arsenal strikers?

Goal scorers yeah.

Henry surpassed his goal tally in less time and games :slightly_smiling_face:

There wasn’t a war on when Henry did it. :blush:

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Wasn’t a war on during Bastins first ten years at the club :grin:

Bastin would of scored more though. Doubt he transfers out the club and loses his peak years.

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There was.

For Japan, WW2 started in 1931.

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All ifs and buts. Fact is his ten years v Henry’s 8 doesn’t come out on top :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m sure that was quite the distraction for Cliff :joy:

“I really need to improve my heading but this Japanese incursion into Manchuria has really messed with my game”


5 League titles to 2.:sunglasses:

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