Choose your Premier League team of the year

Spend ages picking my team lol. Quite happy with it!

Fuck em all

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Got to be the first year that I would in all honesty not put a single Arsenal player in there.

I tried to shoe horn Sanchez in but then decided he didn’t deserve it

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Heres my team take it or leave it*

*of course my team is a pisstake. Because I honestly can’t be fucked.

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Fabregas over Mane, but the spaniard isn’t in the list.


no clue about the defence :sweat_smile:

I’m deleting mine, I hate it already.

Includes just one Arsenal player. :thinking:

Say what?

Mané has been one of the players of the season whereas Fabregas has had his ass sat on the bench for the near majority of the season.

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You’re right about the numbers, but in my opinion Cesc Fabregas is a key player for Chelsea, more than Manè for Liverpool because he is helping his team to win the title with many great decisions during decisive times.

I’d make a case for Son to feature in the team of the year. I hadn’t really heard of him before, but he seems to be one of those ‘unsung heroes’ for Spurs who has consistently been in the thick of the action with goals and assists. I guess it’s a matter of who on earth you displace to fit him in, but certainly worth a shout. Quietly impressive player.

Feels sad seeing all those Chelsea and Spurs players and you realise at best Alexis is the only player who might’ve made it had he maintained his form all season. No one else at Arsenal comes even close :santi:


Weird how Eriksen is getting in ahead of Ozil for so many of you. I thought Eriksen wasn’t fit to polish Ozils boots?

:cristo: :santi2:

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I will select mine at the end of the season.

There’s always one :grin:


lol at not being able to put Sanchez as a winger, Moses as a forward and the option having Moses as a defender.

No care towards team dynamics shown whatsoever.