Child Abuse in Football

Am I blind? Are we already talking about this somewhere? No doubt @Mysty will be along on a minute to link me to 5 threads!

Anyway, I just wanted to chuck my thoughts in on this. There’s obviously still a lot to come out about what happened especially in the 70s and 80s, and it goes to show that child abuse is or has been more deeply rooted in our society far more than anyone has wanted to know or admit.

I think this scandal will be hugely damaging to the sport - not just in this country either because I doubt this is only a British problem. But the damage to the sport is not what’s important, what’s important is that this, along with the Savile case, shatters any protection that abusers are or have been afforded by establishments in the past.

Time to bring the wall of silence down.


It would be great if everyone could just stop fucking children.

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I really just hope that people can put our tribal rivalries away on this one.
Dont know what might come out here yet.
Chelsea have been highlighted in the last few days.
Can honestly say I get no pleasure in seeing them getting a bad press on this. Not interested in scoring cheap banter points on this.
Just want a satisfiying outcome for the victims.

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This is just one of those… well what did you expect? scenarios for me.

If people will assume that positions like priests and cub/scout leaders are good places for people to groom kids, then I thought it would be obvious that you’d assume sports coaches were too? If you like to abuse young boys, being a football coach is probably one of the best positions to be in for that. Do people just assume it’s not been happening? Maybe because only “proper men” were involved in football?

I remember just being put on buses or left at football camps as a kid. I only had a little bit of regular coaching but I remember looking up to the couple of coaches I did have for a bit. If you’re trying to groom kids I’d imagine that relationship could easily be exploited if they’re looking for the approval of the coaches and I wouldn’t be surprised if this turned out to be far worse than the BBC or Parliament scandals.

I just can’t believe Chelsea bunged someone in 2015 to keep quiet about it. Hopefully now it’s not just the odd club they’ll be more open about it and there will be a proper look into this at every club, professional or not.


Pretty much sums up my thoughts there @Craigie. Definitely the clubs should now be acting proactively not re actively.

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Doesn’t really go here, but:


People linked to four Premier League football clubs in London are being investigated over historical sex abuse allegations, the Met Police have said.

4 London Premier League clubs. Oh shit.

well out off 5 London clubs in the prem we know Chelsea is one off them so be interesting to find out which London club isn’t involved in this.

Id be genuinely amazed if every club isn’t eventually implicated in this.

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Maybe Arsene Wenger’s youth project wasn’t all it seemed to be. :sweat_smile:

No surprise there, to be honest. I’d be surprised if a majority of top level clubs aren’t named.

I didn’t think you’d be the user to make a cunty joke about Wenger being a paedophile.

I did think you’d be the user to pick up on it though. Cunt.

Blimey you got angry quickly. If respecting our greatest ever manager makes me a cunt then so be it. I will accept this burden.

Try harder jake :wink: you’re almost there.

Anybody watch the program tuesday night on bbc 1 on historic abuse in scottish football.
I found it really harrowing, sickening and frustrating but essential and well made viewing.
Hit home to me because its at a time of when im growing into football and realising now how ugly and cruel the game was serving some poor sods.
Have to admire the bravery of the men who were abused facing the cameras. Well worth a watch imo.

I’m genuinely amazed at how little this has been in the news since the initial revelations. There are surely hundreds of more stories out there which simply aren’t getting talked about for one reason or another. I can definitely understand where this guy is coming from in relation to Crewe.


Have to say that Crewe sticking by the statement that Bennell was sacked for football reasons is pathetic. Not having an internal investigation stinks really.
Not their fans fault but I wish them ill fortune because of this as a club.