Fair point but doesn’t seem right or within the spirit of the rules!

As for what is left to sell, you could say their soul, but the club never had one to start with!

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All this so they can get Osimhen. :rofl:

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That transfer has disaster written all over it imo.

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Chelsea are like an advert for a pay day loan company. All seems nice in theory at the time, get money but nice new shiny shite, then eventually you have to start paying it back but you csnt afford to because you were already spending more than you earned before you bought your nice new shiny shite.

This is the team I’m worried about most next season. If they have another big blow out in the transfer market then they’ll be a mess again next season but if they strengthen more diligently then I think they’ll be a shoe in for top four next season.

They’ve improved slightly recently and that’s with a scattergun transfer approach. I think they should stick with Poch for next season.

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Think they’ll break into the top 4 next season. Us and City are certs I think. United will be doing United things and Villa drop off, due to increased (potentially) schedule from UCL, Liverpool could easily drop off from the Klopp period.

Can see Chelsea getting that one spot and one of Spurs, Liverpool or Newcastle getting 4th.

Of course it’s all WAY too early to tell though.

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I can see them finishing third or fourth and having an excellent season but I don’t worry about them as title challengers. Too many holes in their squad and Poch just doesn’t have the tactical nous to set up a side with that level of consistency and resourcefulness over a full season.


Personally, I didn’t expect them to be an issue because of FFP.

I thought that would do a number on them. If they do get away with it again though and continue on this rampant spending without consequences then that’s bad.

Despite some decent performances recently, I am not worried about them yet.
They are still at least a season away from being a proper team.

I find it hilarious that despite all this, Chelsea fans are fuming that could mean he’s staying.
They will never warm up to him. :rofl:

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Potter was a disaster appointment but Poch is the right guy for them right now. He’ll probably be one of the best guys they could have to oversee this period before they find an actual top coach to hire.

Do you think Tuchel(which their fans still have an obsession with) would do a better job than Poch under the current circumstances?

Reporter : Since Boxing Day, only three teams have picked up more points than Chelsea in the Premier League / Man City, Arsenal and Liverpool.

And how many points is that?

35 points apparently

I’m surprised by that number.
It’s impressive, but it reminds me of Wenger’s team in the 2010s.

We used to have a great end to the season once we were out of all competition, and it seemed like we would kick on the next season.
However, it wouldn’t.
I am looking at their results; very few are convincing assured results. Their fixture list is filled with 3-2, 2-2, and 4-3. They have done well to outscore their opponents, but as we found out with Liverpool, they won’t get away with a leaky defence for too long.

Chelsea may do better because they will buy their way into it. But I also believe they will sell integral players, which will disrupt them for another season.

Tbf, their underlying numbers have been impressive all season.

They weren’t getting results initially but they’ve slowly started doing so and have climbed up the table.

Obviously with a young team you expect inconsistency but they’ve put some great performances this season.

Forced City to two draws and they probably deserved to beat them in the FA Cup SF.
Gave us and Liverpool a very tough game at their ground.
Smashed Spurs twice.
Smashed Villa in the FA Cup.

There’s definitely a team there.

I think Poch has done a good job in the second half of the season. He’s made some tweaks since the Arsenal mauling and that’s making huge differences too.

Tuchel would probably have them in a similar position tbh.

Tuchel is in the Ancelotti boat of completely undeserved Chelsea sacking

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I have seen their matches and agree they look very decent, albeit chaotic & funny.
However, I also think it is to their advantage that clubs don’t know what Chelsea will do because everything is new.
That won’t be the case once they get settled in. You need consistent performers once the opposition figures out a way to nullify you, and right now, I see only Cole Palmer, Malo Gusto & Disasi being consistent.

Pretty interesting when you dig into their statistics. In terms of expected goal difference and expected points they were actually slightly better in the first half of the season, they just had absolutely tragic finishing/luck. In the second half they’ve had good finishing/luck.

Their combined body of work over the whole season is probably the best indication of their level.

Chelsea from start of season through Christmas:

18 fixtures, 22 points, +1 GD, +10.69 xGDiff, 31.22 xPTS

Chelsea from Boxing Day through today:

18 fixtures, 35 points, +11 GD, + 7.78 xGDiff, 30.38 xPTS