Chelsea v Arsenal (Premier League)

The battle for the CL places will start on Saturday against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

  • Chelsea
  • Draw
  • Arsenal

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I’m feeling quite positive actually, I think we’ll only lose 3-0.

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Just love it… beat SOTON, lose to Watford, then get a heroic win at Stamford Bridge… only 6 points behind, isn’t that great?
Then we will hear the weekly “mental strength” campaign again… and Wenger announce his 2-year extension.

Perfect season.


1-2 to The Arsenal for me . Tuesdays fuck up wont be repeated. We’ll see a much different performance.
1-2 to the Gooners .

Just don’t start Giroud and Gabriel, sadly we don’t have many option apart from playing “The World Worst Impersonation of Makelele” in the midfield.

big hype. shit game. 1-1.


Let’t just say they won’t be using lube.


The scary thing about that is Wenger couldn’t look more like a rapist with them circular lens glasses.

As though he wants to be caught even though he knows he’ll get away with it.

Season defining month… Arsenal owe us some big performances! I’m going for 2-1 to us…

Early ko, we cant wake up for night games so expect the team to turn up in PJs.
Pace is the key to this game.Dont start with the show pony and thank fuck Ramsey is injured… Great mental strength needed…

Gulp. :anguished:

Comfortable win for Chelsea, although not a cricket score. Sanchez marked out of the game. Arsenal to have 3 or fewer shots on goal. Chelsea fans to let us know that they’d like Arséne Wenger to stay.


If he plays Gabriel getting sent off…

If Gabriel does play, please get Costa out.
He probably will get a red card, and a 3-game suspension… still one less than Wenger, who only gave a little push to the 4th official… :slight_smile:

Bellerin Mustafi Koscielny Monreal
Coquelin Chamberlain
Welbeck Ozil Iwobi

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2-0 for me.

I hope about the presence of Niles and Ox on midfield and Welbeck with Alexis on attack, but probably Walcott will play on the right with Sanchez as striker.