Chelsea v Arsenal (PL)

If Lukaku scores a brace against us I’ll fucking walk down to the temporary Ukrainian refugee camp down the street here and sit down with them and complain about my life.


Switching it up, gonna start voting on us winning again. :rofl:

We do have a knack for making him look world class to be fair, even from his Everton days.

I know ma bradda. I actually thought he was alright for a while there at Everton, not a world beater, very limited but they knew that and played to his strengths and compensated for his weaknesses, good management by them, got the most out of him but I feel like there is a ceiling to that. It’s not enough at the highest level.

Anyway he is having an abysmal season and with that huge price tag he had I’d hate for us to help justify it by handing him goals, especially (and then I was gonna say since we’re direct rivals in the table but then I looked at it and we’re not anymore :sweat: ) so… that’s that.

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5-0 Chelsea
Drogba hat-trick, Malouda, Bosingwa


He already owned us once this season, one of his 3 decent games.

No doubt we’ll spark him back into form.

Without Partey we are in trouble. Mikel has to get radical, going with 352 and/or Saka at LB/WB. Haven’t seen signs of him doing that yet, although he did go 352 against Chelsea late last season, mainly negative in that case, and when many, if not most,. fans had been pushing for him to be sacked.

Honestly don’t know if I’m going to watch this one. Unlike Southampton it is midweek, and not me having to wake up early-ish on a weekend (GMT-8), invariably after a late night the night before (couldn’t be bothered to wake up to watch the Southampton game live).



I missed this post earlier, but just read it because of you quoting it and spat out my wine



Completely forgot about the Lukaku situation, annoying they’ve managed to mostly get away with that

If you can get away with 100m Euros on fucking Kepa there isn’t a bad transfer out there that you can’t bounce back from


Can’t do this anymore we have already lost :disappointed:


As Apollo Creed said to Rocky Balboa:

“There IS no tomorrow!”

(Not sure how that works contextually, but still)

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Last few games Werner looking good and sharp. Bit of a concern him now. Does time runs very well.

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You have a dig at us in the betting thread but won’t even watch the game. Come on matey.


Goes without saying that we should fear such a generational talent


Time Werner, one might say.


Not one of your best but gave it a like for trying

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You better not check the lacazette thread in that case :facepalm:

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You’re literally betting on us to lose. I’d rather watch not us lose. There’s a difference

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