Chelsea thread




Thought a Big Mac :bellend:


Sarri just keeps saying the right things, doesn’t he


I reckon i know what is going on here. They know internally that Hazard is gone, so they are looking to demonise him a bit now so that the fans can justify to themselves that he wasnt their best player so they can parrot these things that Sarri says when they are buttnurt that their best player leaves.

I can see it now chavski fans ‘he was a great player but lets be honest here he was no leader and for all he did for us he was really poor in xyz situation and we were relying too much on him. I feel it is best to let a limited player like this go so we can get a real leader and build again as he wasnt ever going to be good enough for what we need in a team’


I think you might be right.
I can see him leaving at the end of the season if Chelsea don’t get a top four place.
It could also be that Sarri has fallen out with Hazard as well, and is getting his excuses in early for when he does leave.


The Chelsea team have always been a bad mix of assholes, just as Sarri has already said. They won the league got tired of Jose’s shit and ran him out of town. Then they did the same with Conte. Hazard has been the constant presence in that team, all signs point to him tbh.


They will never find someone as good as him because let’s be honest: Chelsea aren’t as attractive as they used to be.


Reports are that Hazard has signed an agreement with Madrid for the summer.


Is he on last year of contract?


No, they want at least €112,000,000 for him.


Wonder if he has some clause


I think this or next season is/will be his last season under contract @Trion @Bl1nk @Electrifying. It has become somewhat clear now that he is not going to extend his contract. Hence the rumours about a move to Real have intensified a bit.


Yet that group has won two League titles. And Mourinho and Conte never really had an extended (coaching) career anywhere else. Who is really the problem than?


Contract runs till summer 2020


Not even a high fee for Real.




Would be incredible if they got a ban.


for 5 years :henry2: :giroud:


Don’t worry, Fatty can last for 5 years :arteta:. They don’t need any new signing.


Been watching Chelsea a bit of late. Anybody else notice how well they play out from the back most weeks. They have a few issues as a team but wont take to many signings to get them back on a title challenge.