Chelsea thread


Dunno, whenever he looked like this:


Fuck. Would I ever want to look like that? NOOOOOOO!


Food is too good to look like that :xhaka2:


Exactly. Long live fish&chips :kroenke:


Shouldn’t laugh but found this funny haha :joy:


What are they smoking over at the Bridge? Saw some “fans” on Reddit actually blaming the chants on Spurs fans. I mean, really, grow up.


interesting video that i saw the other night on chelsea by their own supporter and he thinks they are starting to crumble and they have had their day in the sun


Lets hope so fckn scummy club !!


“Spurs fans use that word so why can’t we?”

Ignoring that Spurs fans have no right to appropriate that word.

Might sound lame but kinda proud that shit doesn’t fly on OA

#kingofvirtuesignalling #sjw #culturalmarxism


on that topic, is yid offensive? When arsenal fans call spurs fans yids? and by offensive I mean is there a negative racial connotation? it’s one of those cases where as a non-native speaker I can’t tell the nuance. I am all for calling them shite but I’d (obviously) never intentionally use race/origin as an offensive term on purpose. I always wondered.


‘Yid’ will always mean a Spurs fan to me.



@jules as a non Jewish person it doesn’t really matter what it means to you


Shite it is then :slightly_smiling_face:


The burn!


It wasn’t intended to be a burn, you’ve been on the forum long enough to know when that’s what I’m doing.


What’s a yid?


Looked it up and this also came up.

I am confused now.

PS - yes I am about to charge my phone


Yeah I’ve also herad both (it is offensive and it isn’t), that’s why I asked


I think you’ve picked up on something else here, Jakey. You’ve used the correct term “jewish person”. “Jew” is now deemed socially unacceptable (which is correct in retrospect. It does have an angry, aggresaive quality)


I’m surprised this issue has taken this long to surface in the mainstream media really, probably benefiting from the Raheem incident previous to it.

It is kinda fascinating tho, i do wonder what non match-going fans actually think happens in and around stadiums pre match, pubs etc. Distasteful songs go on in some form or other probably at every ground, every weekend through the season.

Men aged 40-60, excessive drinking and a mob mentality is not a good mix, it’s going to take a lot of effort to control. You can ban 3 or 4 of them caught on camera inside the stadium, it’s honestly just a drop in the ocean.