Chelsea thread


I’m assuming he’d still get paid it just means that it won’t go through an offshore company and he’ll have to pay tax on it.

That’s totally speculating though.


Yeah, don’t think he’s that nice a guy to leave his hard earned money on the table.

If anything he’ll be sending anything left over back home with Western Union :joy:


Yea that’s it. Lots of players get their cash underhandedly (but legally) and pay less tax because of that. Kante is effectively acting as a PAYE worker.


Ah makes sense now, I misinterpreted the situation.


Always nice to hear opinions from die hard fans



vain assholes huh Jade :giroud:


Mr Gay Footballer Of The Season winner and runner up.



Not the best picture of Oli. I’m not a fan of the about to pop veiny look.


which one is which :henry2:


Oh fuck Jade now! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I think the one on the right was the winner and his boyfriend was the runner up :grinning:


Agreed. What’s he done to himself.

Looks like those MMA fighters that starve themselves to make weight.

Eurgh, Ollie aging like 20 years and picking up a method habit since joining Chelsea :bellerin:


Ugliest picture of Giroud.

And why has Cesc aged so poorly? He used to be a good looking fella


Steady on Luca!


Signing for 2 classless shitbag clubs has taken its toll on him :giroud:


Don’t get me wrong, they’re obviously in great shape compared to me with my low key beer belly, but that photo isn’t flattering at all. They could easily take a more flattering photo that’s way less veiny.

Also if you want to look hench then you need to work your chest, it looks so underdeveloped


I mean I’m a big bodybuilding fan and I’ve been in condition to compete on stage before and even I don’t really like Giroud physique there. I like the dry, vascular look when you’ve got good muscular development but when you’re just a slim athlete it actually looks odd.


Reminds me of when Conor McGregor had the look of somebody having their life force drained when he fought Diaz the first time.


But that was welterweight where he fills out considerably. Do you mean at featherweight?