Chelsea thread


I remember reading a few seasons ago that Chelsea had spent more money on paying off managers they had sacked, than we had on transfers, since we had been at the Emirates.

They are becoming a joke club.




Conte is right, tbh. Should he have played open against City?


You don’t have to play open against them, you definitely need a more balanced approach though.

Not even Spurs or Liverpool would play as he did and that says something especially when you’re the defending champions.


You mean Hazard doesn’t like chasing long balls? I’m shocked!

Can’t blame him though to be honest. When he’s on form, Eden with the ball at his feet is one of football’s more beautiful sights.



You’d think after a while Chavski would fucking run out of managers that want to go there. Why in the FUCK are they going through a manager every fucking season almost and then another manager with some sort of pedigree wants to go there, its a fucking joke…money talks huh!


Chelsea is a club with great traditions and a proud history going all the way back to when Abramovich bought them.
Football wasn’t really around before then, according to most Chelsea supporters.
They have only had fourteen managers since then, so why wouldn’t any top manager want to go there :wink:


Question should be why so many ‘top’ managers get shown up over there?


Shown up how? They pretty much all won something of significance.


For talents in disposal, that is easy.
Why with same bunch, they fuck up in second season


It’s not easy to win things with talented players. It takes a different kind of manager to manage at a high level so that’s just not really true is it.

It wasn’t until Real re-hired Capello that they started winning things again after giving host of lower level managers a chance.

Plus the way the Chelsea hierarchy is set up, they don’t actually have a great structure and it tends to undermine their managers unfortunately.


Di Matteo won CL with Chelsea.

Nuff said

Avram Grant came close to doing a double with Chelsea.

Nuff said


Wenger has won 3 FA Cups. Nuff said.


Thank you.
Now imagine him with kind of players Chelsea and likes had.

He would be running with the league.


Yes. He would also walk on the moon and run at the speed of light.


Correction Treble.

As mentioned, it is incredibly easy to win things with Chelsea, City and likes.


Not something I expect him to do but looking at his abs, he might.


Bullshit, even those abs can’t do it.


We are talking about the God bitch.


Wanna bet on it?