Chelsea thread


I’m sure I don’t need to point out to you or the 8 people who have liked your post that Arsenal fans are also rather fond of chants containing the word yid. We’re not really in a position to take any sort of moral high ground in this case.


Does it? Can you explain why?


The way I interpreted it, was that it’s pretty ironic that the Chavs are singing derogatory songs about Jews when the owner that has handed them all of their recent success is a Jew. It that sense, sarcastically, it makes sense.


Haha you’re clearly right, it’s definitely sarcasm on a second read. :slight_smile:


I was being ironic :slight_smile:


That 6-0 against Qarabag will be a nice confidence booster before they play us.


Why? We are already a great confidence booster for them.


Lets go 1 better and beat Koln 7-0


Chelsea could be on 0 pts and us on 12 so far, it’d still be a Chelsea win


Are you honestly lecturing people for liking a funny post.


Yeah, just beat Cologne. Sunday doesn’t matter at all.


I don’t agree with the use of the word in any footballing context, and I’m more than happy to point out that I don’t like the way our fan base uses it, especially when people are having a laugh at Chelsea for being without morals for singing a song no worse than loads I’ve heard at home matches.

I’m an SJW what do you want from me.


Surely a gag about Chelsea beating someone 6-0 ahead of playing Arsenal at home


If they can do that to the champions of one of Europe’s big 25 leagues then we have no chance.


It begins…


Hazard and Kante are more than welcome at the Emirates. They defo won’t have that problem here :sunglasses:


Those poor footballers.
I don’t know how they cope with all that training at least a few hours a week for a pittance.

After a bad performance, or when players come out with quotes like: “the other team wanted it more,” the players should be made to go to the centre circle after a game and be brought out their wages in a wheel barrow, in front of all the supporters and then see what their reaction would be.

If it’s so hard, go out and get a proper job.


Hazard is a lazy fucker.


I don’t think Conte is going to be Chelsea manager after this game.
There is something very wrong there, a bit like when Mourinho went.


Rumours are the players are unhappy with the workload.

Even with a new generation of players, they’re still getting good managers sacked because they aren’t happy with his methods.