Chelsea thread


Mere moments have passed since Sam Vokes headed Burnley into a 3-0 first half lead at Chelsea when there is a knock on the door at Diego Costa’s family home in north-eastern Brazil.

Sportsmail has arrived unannounced and uninvited but, standing on the doorstep of his childhood home, Chelsea outcast Costa puffs out his cheeks and shakes his head.

‘It’s going well for Chelsea, isn’t it?’ he grimaces. ‘The red card changed the game but anyway, you’ve come a long way and I have nothing to hide. Come on in.’

Yea, that totally happened :joy:

Hard to tell which side is right. It’s also the first time I’m reading about him potentially signing a new contract at Chelsea in January.


He’s a nasty player and a cheat, I’m delighted he’s out of English football. Entertaining yes, granted, but there are plenty of others in his place


He feels like a criminal? Well, if the cap fits…

Does seem like harsh treatment, but it’s very difficult to feel any pity for the guy. He’ll get his move, he’ll just have to enjoy his holiday with his millions in the bank for a little longer. It’s a hard life.


Definitely more than meets the eye here. Okay, he’s a bit of a cunt, but who in their right mind punts a 20 goals a season man? Conte will be out on his ear if they don’t shape up pretty quickly.


They are gonna face Tottenumb without Cahill, Fabregas, Bakayoko, Pedro, Costa and Hazard. Conte is in big troubles.


Conte’s response to Costa’s comments - it involves a lot of laughter :laughing:


Shame Conte had to manage that shit hole of a club, seems like a cool guy.


Costa is one of the nastiest little cunts I can remember. Glad someone finally decided to treat him like what he is.


@Persona :neutral_face:


That means Conte will be looking for another club.
If he doesn’t want to move away from London I know a club that has needed a top quality manager for a while.




Crystal Palace? :thinking:


You gotta support Chelsea :mustafi:


We’ve spoken to Alvaro after the game. He does not want to be connected with that song in any way and both the club and the player request the supporters stop singing that song with immediate effect.

Apparently he was not aware of what a moral toilet of a club he joined lol


Genuinely didn’t know that Abramovich is Jewish


Clearly none of the Chelsea fans know that either


Ignorance is bliss :grinning:


Jewish owner, racist fans. It makes sense.


This could get interestingly awkward, as clearly there is precisely 0% chance that certain chav fans are going to kill a chant they like, even if it’s their own club or the player involved who’s asking for it


So Abramovich is a Jew? Wonder if the Chavski-ites would let him on their train. :thinking:


I could’ve just said Chavs. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: