Chelsea thread


I’m sure it would have been such a vile and toxic mouthful that she’d have spat rather than swallowed.



Fave chant of the day for me


With an hot dog :wink:


Got to give Conte a ton of credit for getting this Chelsea side to a title. I don’t think they are the world beaters the pundits and press like to make them out to be. Their defence look very shaky and can get got at with pace up front, which only Liverpool, Utd and Us seemed to do. Kante and Matic aren’t a good match in the centre. Hazard Pedro and Costa will always get them out of trouble. I’d be surprised if they reclaim the title next season, unless Conte spends big.




Poorly drawn arsenal


Cringe AF


Fucking awful


My hatred for that club really knows no bounds


Interesting signing. Is he a CB or a full back?


The winner of the best actor award goes to…

Who at Chelsea watched that and thought it was a good idea to use it as an advert?


They are all brain damaged over there, this is to be expected!


Lol it wasn’t that bad.


I think this thread has given it more thought than Chelsea did.


haha it’s different, I saw it on SSN earlier on


What’s up with these new weird presentations? There have been a lot like this one recently.


It’s a trend right now it seems. Really cringe though lol. Only one or two have been good.

Rudiger is a solid CB. He’s an upgrade on Cahill that’s for sure lol


I think Conte will be pushing Cahill out he was found wanting quite a few times last season and definitely needs to be upgraded going forward.


So the only person that doesn’t find that advertisement breathtakingly cringeworthy is the American, go figure :laughing::speak_no_evil:


What happened to the Bakayoko transfer? I thought that was done and dusted weeks ago?