Cedric Soares (17)

According to Wikipedia, Waldo is the localised North American name.

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Nah America just like being different.

the way they write the date
drive on the wrong side

What should have been a simple pass under no pressure resulted in us conceding a goal.

Glad we have such reliable options like this guy in our squad.



On a long contract as well, he’s fine as RB cover but why did we let go of our actually talented player (AMN) who’s leaps and bounds better on the left, for this scrub? Arteta gonna Arteta.

AMN, Soares, Bellerin. All shit.

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It’s very on brand for him to lose form exactly when we can’t address it through the transfer market.


Tbf to him the pitch is a mess. Ball sticks to the ground. Our link-up today has been affected by it greatly.
But yeah, pretty great timing for us to realize that Cedric isn’t a long term solution at LB after we let Maitland-Niles go and decided against signing a backup LB.

Please Tierney, come back.

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Fuck he has been shite

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And that’s the issue with someone like Cedric, no consistency.

Hoping he starts against Benfica. Far greater threat offensively than Bellerin.


He’ll probably start ahead of Tierney who’ll be gassed from playing 90 mins.

It’s becoming an offence to play Bellerin.


Nice of him to remind us he should be the starting RB at the moment.


Funny how you didn’t mention Cedric messing up Pepes pass earlier, if that had been Hector we would have 20 posts about it by now… :rofl:

Would Hector even manage to be in that position? And would Hector track back from so high up the pitch like Cedric did afterwards and immediately cover the gap at the back?
Case closed.

Yes and yes… Guess what? Case reopened!

I think the issue is both our RB are depth standard, it’s a position that needs upgrading if we’re to become a CL club again.

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