Carl Jenkinson (here forever)


I honestly can’t see how he’s been overrated. I can’t recall a single person ever suggesting he should be a regular starter for us.


Annecdote time: I was trying to sell the idea of jenkinson to my cousin, saying it’s vital we have fans in the dressing room, plus hes a bit if a lad, useful squad player etc.

He swiftly informed me that he’s both a fan and a lad too, but that doesn’t mean he is good enough to play for Arsenal. Alas the penny dropped for me at last!

He does need to go, feels awful given how much effort ive put into developing him on Fifa over the years, truely believing he was just a late bloomer of sorts.

I even recall a cross he whipped in for Bendtner that left me wondering if at last we had found our savior for that sort of thing. Whaaa can’t he just stay and be a mascot of sorts?


Is it true we were paying him 40k a week?

Who decided that was what he was worth?


I sincerely hope thats not a serious question.




Oh, forgive me if you genuinely weren’t aware.

Wenger himself explained in an interview that it’s a decision made between himself and the board of directors.

Typically he has to approach them and ask them for authorisation.

Can find a link if you like?


So Wenger thought Jenkinson was worth 40k a week.
That is truly amazing.


The board are equally as culpable. I don’t think 40k for him is bad at all tbh, given that he was playing for an English ‘champions league’ tier club.


It seems a lot of money for a player who was bought from a 1st division club and who was effectively cover at RB.
I don’t blame him for taking the money but it just shows that we pay a lot of average players considerably more than they are worth.
It appears ridiculous to me because Kos, who is far and away our best defender, is only on just over double that.


Is Jenkinson just being awkward here? Refusing to move, he doesn’t want to take all the Arsenal posters down from his locker.

Can imagine him negotiating his personal terms like “I can’t wear my Arsenal kit in training? Oh well that changes everything, I’m not coming then!”

Seriously though, he needs to go. Palace would have been a decent move - wouldn’t have to uproot. I can’t imagine any of the other London clubs coming in for him, so he’ll probably end up in the north-east or north-west now.


If he’s good enough for a mid/lower-tier PL club then he was good enough to be our second choice RB. He’s being underrated here because of his poor performances post-injury.


Personally I think he’s going to end up in the Championship very soon. That Mid/ lower premier League club will either get relegated or realise he isn’t good enough.


Agree, I personally shocked if any PL team take him on. He’s had the odd good performance for us but I think a lot of our fans give him a pass cause he’s a die hard Arsenal fan. He did have one good year at West Ham but his second season with them before his injury was really poor. I expect him to be in the Championship soon enough, with him going up and down from PL to Championship. I felt bad for him this season cause it’s pretty clear he’s just not going to be a top class right back at any PL club. Good luck to him seems a nice lad.


They haven’t taken him on. The deal fell through.


I know just read it above, changed my post just there lol.


Arsenal put this video up on Twitter. Media are reporting it as Jenkinson looking miserable while his team mates dance around him :grin:


Must be tough, sure he’s feeling down in the dumps having to train at a club and with a manager that don’t think you are good enough to play for them. Sucks for him.


Yes it must suck to play for your dream club and earn a very healthy wage


Maybe he just thinks Iwobi is a knob.


This guy is still an Arsenal player :coq:

It’s all Jeffrey Schlupp’s fault!