Carl Jenkinson (here forever)


The thing is, League Cup home matches are populated by day trippers to such a massive extent that I can actually believe he WAS booed.

I wasn’t even in my own seat this time, but in the supposed ‘hardcore Arsenal North Bank’ (lol) I had people all around me spending the entire 90 coming up with new ways to declare how they didn’t even care about the result of this game.

There was definite booing at the half time whistle (quite rightly) over what was a pathetic 1 out of 10 Arsenal performance, but there was little to nothing in the way of actually supporting the team.


How can you lose confidence over some abuse on social media? Carl seems soft.




[quote=“GunnerGirl, post:62, topic:561, full:true”]
How can you lose confidence over some abuse on social media? Carl seems soft.
[/quote]I guess it depends on the level of abuse or what exactly was said towards him.

Perhaps he knows he’s been out of sorts and when fans start to notice and not support you, it’s probably going to be a shock and hurt to the system.

Some athletes can brush it off, others may not know how to deal with it. Social media sometimes can come out with some really vile remarks, that goes too far of what is banter and what is deemed totally unacceptable.


Arsenal fans are quite toxic tbh.


I’d imagine Jenks being a fan himself makes it that bit more personal to him.



Think people are harsh on him. Limited as he is he always put in a decent shift for us and truth is he’s returned from a very difficult injury which does as much damage mentally as it does physically.


People maybe harsh on him as shouldn’t be a starter if Bellerin is injured. I think we drew 3 games in a row with him in the team. But its clear he does his best even being limited so can’t blame him much but as long as he isn’t a starter.


Villa’s about his level tbh.


I think the issue is the type of injury he takes recovered from doesn’t allow you to walk back into a top club and perform at the required level.

Jenkinson would definitely benefit from playing elsewhere but the fans could definitely do with exercising a bit of patience in his performances as well. He didn’t deserve half the shit he got from fans.


Usually when someone is labelled “useless on the ball” it’s an exaggeration, but Jenkinson truly is. He wasn’t good enough before the injury.

I really wouldn’t read much into Wenger’s comments about Jenko’s confidence, he’s seen the performances he’s put in this season & in previous seasons, he’s terrible.


True but the best players usually thrive off hate, from their own fanbase or rivals. Jenkinson is quite weak in that sense.


With an option to make it permanent if they got promoted ;). He is a truly Arsenal fan, but not an Arsenal player.


After Éboue’s treatment by Arsenal fans in the Wigan game a few years back, I think you’re rating our fanbase too highly there. A large number of modern Arsenal fans that the club encourages through the turnstiles are know-nothing pricks and patience is not their forté. The commentator on the Stoke stream was amazed at the crowd’s irritable reaction to Iwobi trying a trick in an advanced position and it not coming off (right before he scored). These idiots will get on the back of any player, at any time.


Arsenal player has the ball just outside the opposition area. Move breaks down after the defence clears it.

Typical crowd idiot reaction: “SHOOOOOOOOT” “OMG WHY DIDNT HE JUST SHOOOOOOT”


So you are saying Pogba would be a big hit at the emirates? :iwobi:


The sooner he gets to a top Championship type club the better for him and Us.


Let him get on with his career and sell him outright.


Can’t see us getting rid of 2 right backs in one window as Debuchy will (hopefully) be looking for a new club too. Maybe Gab will be the back-up for the remainder of the season when Mert is back, but otherwise we’d be a bit short if Jenks was allowed to go now.


We are a bit short with him and Debuchy in the squad. One is perpetually injured/moody and the other is devoid of confidence.