Carl Jenkinson (here forever)


It’s crazy to think that by the end of this season he’d have been an Arsenal player for 8 years. And on a pretty good salary too (from when he signed the extension).


Hope he’s been maxing out his stocks and shares ISA!


Yeah I simply can’t work out how they thought it was wise to hand him 60k a week deal for 5 years in 2015 or whatever it was, truly astounding.


With Bellerin out until the new year. I can’t imagine Lich will play every game at his age?

We might have to play the corporal haha


Beautiful what a Christmas present, can’t wait to see Jenkinson weaving his magic for us at Anfield in 2 weeks.


The benefit is, he’s getting game time in the EL. With game time, Jenkinson may come good. Emery clearly sees more in him than Wenger did


Considering Jenkinson never had a shit game for us, I am not that bothered.


Jenks will be 75 years of age and still bombing down the right flank for The Arsenal like Dani Alves, mark my words


Might be the only one here but I always rated this guy. At the very least he could be doing a job as a rotational RB.


He’d die on the pitch for us, that’s good enough for me


Deserves a go after that showing yesterday. He is at the least fit and last easily 90 minutes. That cant be said about any of yesterdays shambles.




Jenkinson becoming a meme destroyed his career. I genuinely thought and still think he has potential. That damn Hector came here and reaped careers(Jenkinson, Chambers and Debuchy).


Not being very good and not having much desire to leave Arsenal destroyed his career.


Likeable lad, but never really good enough for us, even as squaddie… I still remember that hilarious clearance attempt from him a couple of years back.


I disagree, many thought he had potential and had some good showings. He was very unlucky to rival one of the best RBs in the PL in Sagna.


He’s got great hair, mind.

Kind regards,

A very jealous bald man


If he’s become a meme then it is because he is somehow still at the club, that’s the joke. If he’d left he’d just be a forgotten guy who didn’t make the cut.

You might need to elaborate on your idea because I don’t get it


He became a meme long before. People treated him as a fanboy since day one. Even when he scored(but didn’t, or did he) his first goal for us people made a meme of it. :joy::joy:


buddy, he did this in one of his first games for the club (EDIT: that was his first goal for the club!):

How can he not be a meme :arteta: