Carl Jenkinson (here forever)


Despite popular belief, I don’t think Wenger was only employee in Arsenal.

And I don’t think he went to all the details in terms of contract or canteen menu.

What is Gazidis doing?


Whatever Wenger let him. Anyway, the question wasn’t who negotiated it, it was who sanctioned it. It was Wenger. He did.


When did Wenger become CFO of Arsenal?


Who said he was?


If he is the final authority on financial calls, surely he becomes one.


It’s not a financial call, it’s a squad call. Down to him and him only. Unless you have some other candidates? No? No one? Ok. Wenger it is then.


Contractual calls are financial calls


No. You don’t even believe what you’re saying.


Yes absolutely yes


Wtf how is contracts not finance?


So you’re saying people would be extending contracts without running it by Wenger first?

Sounds like you are arguing for the sake of argument.


Doesn’t mean he decides the tenure & terms of the contract


Incredible how Trion replied to sham within three minutes :joy: Fucking obsessed with Wenger haha


Forgot this guy existed. So so bad. I think he’s our longest serving player behind Ramsey and Wilshere :gabriel:


Just realised this fucker is still on the books. How are we going to ship him. No one wants him now :joy:


Yeah because some bright spark decided it was a good idea to give him a 48 year contract.

Nah, he’s pretty much gone. Emery probably doesn’t even know who he is. If Jenks turns up for training, Emery will just think a fan has managed to climb the fence!

We’ll probably just exchange him for a pork pie or something, but there’s no way he’ll be an Arsenal player next season.


Consummate survivor tbh, imagine living through the great Gazidis purge of 2018. :giroud3:

Even the great Wenger and Giroud fell, but Junko lives on.


His wages will be really high for a player of his quality. We’re going to find it very difficult to sell him unless we give him some kind of severance payment. He won’t leave for a team that pays him half of what he’s on now, so we’ll have to incentivise him to fuck off.

He may be an Arsenal fan, and I do have a soft spot for him, but he’s a leech on our resources and needs to be binned off ASAP.


Another guy I feel bad for. Had some really promising games for us against Bayern and Man City but again injury just fucked up his career.

Arsenal through and through as well.


He has almost always performed for us.
Was excellent for us while Sagna was out.

Should have left us to have consistent game time, which he did and had a good start in his West Ham stint but fell off somehow in his second season.

Shame he is wasting his career now.
Much better player than been given credit for and certainly capable of being a PL regular.