Caption it


I’ll be sending round JT later


Thats Mourinho saying ‘i love your manly scent, i will meet you in the changing rooms at full time’


We might have lost 4-0 but JT is already at your house !!



your the special one now



My daughter is hot.


I’m so fucking special,but your a Creep ,your a weirdo,what the hell are you doing here ,you don’t belong here you don’t belong here !


Next one


It’s not my fault that my knees are are your nut level. Anyway, Pulis taught me that one.


Where’s my Eng/Por dictionary? What’s Portuguese for “You cunt.”




Why does @AbouCuellar hate me so much Crouchy???

FFS ok ok I will talk to him get him to go easy on you he likes me.