Cancel Culture and related issues

@JakeyBoy that book was excellent, absolutely excellent.

I remember when the controversy about the guy at the tech conference was blowing up who made a joke about dongles. Twitter was hot that day.

That was a really awful situation. The guy was clearly not speaking to the person he offended, got doxed, got fired, the person he offended got doxed and got fired because people were so mad she reported him. It was a cluster. Those are the people who I think can have a genuine issue with “cancellation” or internet mob justice. They’re just regular people.

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Or the scientist who had to cry & apologise on national television because he wore a shirt.

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What was on the shirt? Something awful?

Think it was cartoon ish type drawings of nude/scantily clad ladies on a shirt

His (female) friend was an artist who designed a rad Hawaiian type shirt for him with a bunch of 50s type sci-fi pin up girls on it and he promised her he’d wear it on TV when they landed on the comet as a little shout out to her.

Was he wearing it to his kids’ school pickup? On tv?

Man, I thought you were gonna say it had a swastika or noose on it. That’s kind of “who gives a shit” to me but I can absolutely see people getting bent out of shape over it.

I remember being so salty about that at the time :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

We landed a probe on a rock moving at 100k km/h which is an insane feat of brains, technology, engineering, megalomania and team work and the moment was stolen by someone whining about the print on a shirt and for many the whole thing went down in history as “that dude who started crying over his shirt” lol


Was that the same landing as the guy with the crazy hair in the background?

Yeah it was stupid. That was an example of cancel culture that really pissed me off.

That’s the kind of cancel culture I have real issue with.


haha idno but I feel like there’s always dudes with crazy hair in the bg at these events :sweat_smile: so the answer is probably yes


Cancel culture absolutely exists and the main type I have an issue with is when professors get sacked for speaking against the apartheid policies of Israel


I am still salty.
We allowed a handful of women who had no interest in studying in STEM field managed to complain about a shirt discouraging women from joining STEM field.

The world of glamour where nepotism, perversion, being objectified didn’t stop women from joining but yes bunch of nerds wearing a shirt would sway them away.

That seems like an issue from ten years ago though or even more! Academia was already shifted in that direction when I was in college.