Can an Arsenal Player win the Golden boot?

Aubameyang was joint top goalscorer last season alongside Salah and Mane with 22 goals and hopefully this year he can do it again. Lacazette is also in the running after a good season but I think Aubameyang will be scoring more consistently than him. What do you guys think?

I think auba can score much more than those 22, if used properly… 30+ easily if he’s in a perfect environment. So of course he’s one of the main candidates for the golden boot this year too.

Can an arsenal player have the football to replace Pires?


30+ easily? It’s actually a rather difficult achievement. I think only Shearer, Ronaldo, Suarez and Salah got past 30 goals since the Premier League started in '92.

I said “in a perfect environment”, and I still mean it. Football is different nowadays so it’s not fair to compare to him to players in 90s or even 00s. He’s not the most complete forward/footballer, but as a poacher/goalscorer… Top notch. Last year even playing as a winger so many games, with so many defensive duties, not starting so many games… in a team that even didn’t manage to get top 4… still got 22. Just imagine how many he would score starting every game for a team that fights for the title… and playing as the main striker, like he did for borussia. It’s just riduculous how this guy gets into chances with such ease (an underrated skill)… even in a team that doesn’t play perfect attacking football, far from that.

Even these days. Aguero and Kane are top class strikers but between the two of them haven’t done it once. He started 30 games last year, in a lot of cases Emery went two upfront.


Having said that (and I hate to knock goals via penalties, honestly) but a lot of those goals scored by the 4 aforementioned were via the penalty spot.

If we at Arsenal didn’t have that silly rule about the “player who got fouled to win the penalty can’t take the penalty”, then Henry would have scored a lot more than the 24/25 average he was hitting at his peak

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Laca is not and will never be a candidate for the Golden Boot, sorry to break it to you. He doesn’t score that many goals.


To who exactly? That picture in the OP?

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Yes. Apparently so.

(The answer to the thread title/question).

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Llelelelllelleell uh yeah the OP, and basically the entire point of this thread? New around these parts?? :joy::joy::+1::+1:

Absolutely zero chance

Prime 2014/15 Lacazette, maybe. Lacazette nowadays, never. He just lost too much in agility/pace/balance department afterwards wich impeded his ability to get in behind, dribble past people, and just to get in to as many goalscoring opportunities in general.
Too bad, was a huge fan of him at that time, and he looked twice the player auba was at that time.

When I looked first it was just a pic. Didn’t realise text had been added :facepalm:

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Aubameyang will be right in the mix again, durable and just gets in so many goal scoring positions.

Okay I apologize.

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Golden boot? Auba says completed it mate :sunglasses:

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Would nice to see him win it again without having to share it!

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If Auba scored one of his 36 missed tap ins, would have won it at a canter.

Thinking about it, we created a shit load of chances last season.

Was that a rule? I thought it was just Henry having a weird little superstition, if you will.