Calum Chambers

We cant sell dude. We should be happy with 10m for him looking at our latest selling record.

Why not keep.him on a one year rolling contract. If he proves good enough to cover first team players then roll it over. If he’s not interested then sell but we need cover and he wants to play for Arsenal that imo puts him near the front.

He’s under contract until 2022

Oh right I thought like most of the team he was in a final year. Must try and remember Wenger didn’t let every players contract run out

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Yes I think you’re right. Chambers could be a good squad player although he’s still to prove himself before he’s in our first 11. Let’s hope we get rid of Mustafi who’s been the worst ever regular centre back I’ve ever seen in nearly 40 years of supporting the Arsenal. Chambers is certainly better than Mustafi.

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High praise :arteta:

The saddest thing about Mustafi is that he’s a decent player technically, it’s just that his constant mistakes render him useless and it doesn’t matter in the end. If he had half of a brain and could be more circumspect he’d be a solid CB, but he has no brain. Literally none.

I will not be able to watch another season with him in the side but I know I’ll have to; who the fuck would take him above clubs at League One level?

Is Mustafi Turkish ? If so there is an avenue for him

The whole point of signing the young defender years ago was so that we could reap the rewards when he gets to 23/24 years of age.

He’s come off the back of his best season yet, albeit in midfield. Whether he can be a an asset in defence is yet to be proven, but I think he could be a valuable squad player next season.

Don’t see a reason to get rid unless a decent offer comes in.

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German with Albanian descent