Calum Chambers (On loan)


I also agree with this


This I completely agree with. Chambers ceiling is a mid table PL club.


It’s really madness the amount of players we need to sell…I remember when we used to complain about deadweight with Chamakh, Park, Squillaci, etc. etc… and look where we are now needing to sell Gabriel, Chambers, Wilshere, Lucas, Gibbs, Debuchy, Jenkinson, potentially Ox, and surely I’m even forgetting someone (the other day I was reminded that Joel Campbell existed, for example).


Agreed - it is ridiculous and holding us back apparently…


I’m happy to keep Chambers as a squad player to make up the numbers - every big PL club needs these kinds of players who are decent enough to not completely kill you, homegrown, and fairly happy sitting on the bench. But I don’t see him having a future as a starter for Arsenal.


I think we’re okay on numbers at CB with Kos, Mustafi, Holding, Monreal, Kolasanic, and Mert. Ideally I’d sell Chambers and see if I could replace him with someone who can play at LWB (or ideally LB and RB), because if we ever sell Gibbs we’re very light in that position/would be good insurance in case we decide to sell Ox.


Is 6 centre backs enough in this system ? Especially when one of them you included will always be playing LWB ?


I think absolutely, yeah, CBs need less rotation than other positions and 5-6 are enough. Hence why I see LWB as an area of more need, cause Monreal right there isn’t a great fit, so we’ve really just got Kolasanic and Ox there if we ever sell Gibbs. I guess Coquelin could play there.

Either way, definitely sell Chambers. A year sitting on the bench isn’t going to help his value. We should learn our lesson from a million previous cases.


Yeah sorry I hear you, you suggested signing someone that could play LWB my bad.


As much as I like Kos and Per I wouldn’t bank on either of them being consistently fit this season. If we’re keeping 3 at the back I think CB is just as much of a priority as CM. Last thing I want to see is fucking Elneny being slotted in there, or anywhere.


Even if one of them is injured at a time, that’s still 3-4 CBs to pick from, supposing that one other will be unavailable for some reason.

We definitely are okay with numbers. I guess the question is if we are okay with quality, that kind of depends on how Kolasanic is as a CB, IMO. Buy another and Holding will rarely play, and he needs to, and I trust in him even if he was crap as people said on Friday.


Can’t say I’m as confident as you are and honestly when was the last time we were ok with numbers or quality? It really doesn’t take much for us to be fielding a compete trainwreck of a back line of CB’s.

Hell we had to do it on Friday and that’s one game deep into the season. Peronally I think we’re stacked in terms of fullbacks but other than Monreal none our fullbacks can really fill at at CB. I certainly didn’t see anything from Kolasinac to believe that he’s depth for that role.


If Kolasinac is going to be used more often as CB than LB we’re not okay with numbers.


Wenger not looking to sell anymore and has included him back in the first team squad.

Happy with that think he’ll be great in a back 3

Give him his squad number back @Bl1nk :wink:


Could be his best role.


Willing to give him some time here after the loan spell to see how he fairs. He is still a pup for his position tbh. Good news.


So with Mustafi (maybe) and Gabriel going and Wenger not looking to bring anyone in (yet) is the guy going to get a run?

Maybe fuck off Bellerin and give this guy a go, cannot do any worse after the shite we have witnessed!!


Think he could do something as CB in a 3-man defence. RWB/LWB is just not his position.




What the FUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK is going on