Calum Chambers (On loan)


He is better than Gabriel, imo.


Yeah I’d say pecking order is now:

  1. Kos
  2. Moose
  3. Holding
  4. Chambers
  5. Nacho

And Chambers can slot in RB in a pinch.

If we end up with back 3, the question becomes is this sufficient b/c Kos/Moose/Holding will be playing a LOT of minutes then.


I think Montreal is definitely ahead of Holding and Chambers in Wengers pecking order and rightly so at the moment.

I’d personally have:

Holding - Mustafi - Monreal

As my back three as I think it’s time to move away from the Kos era and use him more sparingly.


Yeah it is probably different order if clearly back 3, agreed. Nacho probably does rise then. Not so sure about moving on from Kos yet though.


What’s the rational behind the Kos stuff? I have thought the same lately tbh, be interested in hearing your opinion though


Well he’s got a chronic achilles problem that means he hasn’t been training as much and that he’s missed games because of.

Having kos as a Ledley King type super back up would be awesome in my opinion.


I guess from that angle yeah. I was thinking more just the occaisional lapses in judgement, like being banned from the cup final.

All the talent in the world is useless if you can’t apply it. But then equally he is a class act at CB when those mistakes don’t happen. Risk management is a tough one!


keep Chambers and get rid of the useless Gabriel, plus Mertesacker doesn’t really have that long left either if he’s thinking about retiring


Wow Mertesacker can leave instead, end on a high and he’s in his 30’s. Chambers is new blood.


It’s the same with a top class goalkeeper. Sure most look fantastic when saving a few from an onslaught of about 30 shots, but what you really want is that player who will come to life in that one pivotal moment.

It’s why I can’t understand why some people want Scz back. As far as I’m concerned Koz nearly cost us another cup final and at his age he will never get that flaw out of his system. He’s no leader, and never has been.



Glad the club aren’t stupid enough to sell someone who’s obviously worth at least £10M more in the current market.


He’s got to be worth more than half Kyle Walker surely


Chambers kept our golden boy Holding out of the England U21 team this summer, lest we forget. Rave reviews from Boro fans too - he’s definitely worth keeping around.


I think everybody agrees with this. However with how big the squad is we need to get rid of bodies. If their isn’t any interest for players who Arsenal wants to sell we need to make decisions about players for whom offers do come in.


Do we need to get rid of CBs though? Per is in his final year and on his last legs, and Kos has an ongoing injury problem. We never have a fully fit squad. With 3 at the back we should be looking at having 6 of them. If we want rid of one then it should be Gabriel rather than a guy who could potentially have a big future at Arsenal.

I wouldn’t be too bothered if we sold him, it’s just my personal preference to keep him.


Exactly my point. What if we can’t get rid of Gabriel?

Holding, Mustafi, Monreal, Mertesacker, Koscielny and Gabriel.


I’m hopefull per can have 1 good last season and wouldn’t be surprised if he locked down the centre spot in the back 3 before too long

if we can get good money for chambers it makes sense especially if the reports of beilik being ready to step up are true


Yeah but Kosh and especially Mert aren’t going to be around long and are pretty much past their peak. Nacho is getting there too.


If you can’t sell the players you don’t want that doesn’t mean you should resort to selling the players you do want. What sort of logic is that?!