Calum Chambers (On loan)


Positive words. Hope its not all talk and that Calum actually gets plenty of game time. Boro will be doing their fair share of defending this season, so plenty of practice for Chambers.



Completely forgot he’d gone out on loan. How many games has he played and what’s the general consensus of his performances thus far? The Bournemouth numbers look impressive.


He’s played the last four games (except the one vs us of course) and seems to be getting recognition. First game Boro have won in two months as well, hopefully locking down his position for the season from here on in barring any hiccups.


He’s being played at RB and getting completely destroyed by Martial in the process.


Seems like he’s having a proper good season so far according to Boro fans. They’ve been impressed with him so far.

Wilshere and Chambers coming back after good loan spells might give us some proper decent depth next season.




Oh god damn it


Stress fracture… fuck off Karanka!!


Arsenal through and through :wink:


Foot injuries can cause real problems so I really hope that they don’t rush it.



I’d let him go tbh. As currently he is our 7th choice CB


Would be bad business if we sold him for less money than we bought him for at the age of 22 and how exactly is he 7th choice and how long will that really last with 3 of our options being 30+ and one having no future at Arsenal anymore (Gabriel).


Let him go before the calamity that is Gabriel?

He should be playing for us next season especially now that Kos has a chronic injury and Per is on his last legs.

Chambers will still go on to be a quality CB IMO, no way we sell.


Agreed. He could still definitely be a player. He certainly hasn’t devalued based on his season at boro.


With Gabriel out for a while, Mert and Kosh getting on a bit and no idea how they will be with re-occurring injuries, we should be keeping as many CBs as we can. Especially if we plan to continue using 3 at the back.


Sell at a loss given how much the market has inflated since we signed him ? Jog on.


What are you smoking mate


I forgot about Gabriel. Easy done tbf :joy:

Don’t shoot me plz